Tweets on the desktop with GeekTool

If you are looking for more Geektool scripts then check out the Mac OS X Tips Geeklets site. It has loads of user-contributed Geeklets all in one place for you to download.

As reported in TUAW yesterday, a reader named Ben G saw my recent tip for displaying iCal events and to do items on the desktop and took it one step further. Inspired by iCalBuddy, he has written a similar command line utility called twitterbuddy that instead displays the latest tweets by the people you follow. Getting this onto your desktop is pretty much the same process as with iCalBuddy.

Once you have downloaded twitterbuddy, double-click the install.command file to install it. To test it works, open up a new Terminal window and type in twitterbuddy -h. This should bring up the following list of options:

As you can see, typing twitterbuddy -u yourusername -p yourpassword -n 5 -t Tweets will display the last 5 tweets you have received, with the title “Tweets”. After perfecting your settings in Terminal, adding the command to GeekTool is easy. As with iCalBuddy, the only subtlety is that you have to use the full path, as shown below:

/usr/local/bin/twitterbuddy -u macosxtips -p ******** -n 5 -t Tweets

Geek Tool Twitter

For help setting up GeekTool and formatting your output, check out the iCal on the Desktop tip, as everything is the same. Many thanks to Ali Rantakari, the deveoper of iCalBuddy and Benjamin Goering, the developer of twitterbuddy for all their hard work.

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