Super-fast Printing in OS X

Just over a week ago, I wrote a tip explaining how to set up a desktop printer. This allowed you to quickly print files without having to open up specific applications.

However, right now I have just read this tip on the Apple Pro tips site, explaining how to print even more quickly. It can be done by Right-Clicking (Control-Clicking) on the file, and choosing Print from the contextual menu. This won't allow you any of that drag 'n' drop goodness that the other method gave, but it definitely is quicker, especially if you have a two button mouse. What's more, it doesn't require you to set anything up.

The one drawback of this method I can see is how multiple printers are handled. If you have more than one printer, say a colour inject and a b/w laser, you might prefer the desktop printer method, which allows you to drag you file onto the printer of your choice. I don't have multiple printers so I can't confirm this, but I imagine that the contextual menu will just print from your default printer.
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