ReadKit tip: Nested rules in smart folders

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve switched to using ReadKit for reading RSS feeds on the Mac.

ReadKit’s “smart folders” are a great feature that Reeder lacked, making me consider sticking with ReadKit even if Reeder introduces third party sync options in future.

One problem I had was figuring out to create smart folders with nested groups of rules where “any” or “all” must be true. One of the default smart folders has nested rules, so I knew it must be possible, and after a bit of trial and error I figured it out.

Simply hold down the Option (alt) key and you should see the plus (+) button will switch to an ellipsis (…). Clicking this will create a new nested section where you can require “any” or “all” of the nested rules to be true.

ReadKit Nested Smart Folder

Using this technique, it’s worth adding a rule to your smart folders that excludes archived items, so articles you have already read don’t show up.

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