Print the Clipboard without Pasting into an Application

Pete writes:

After selecting all text with Command-A, is there away to print it from memory to the printer without pasting it to an application? If I'm on a website I don't want to have to paste it into TextEdit to print it.

The best way to achieve this is using an AppleScript written by Chris from Macs in Chemistry.

You can download the script by clicking here. Double-click the downloaded file to un-zip it. You will now have a file called "Print Clipboard.scpt". Now go to the Library folder inside your user folder. Look in here for a folder called "Scripts". If it isn't there, create it by choosing New Folder from the file menu. Copy the "Print Clipboard.scpt" file to this folder by dragging it across.

Now Navigate to Macintosh HD/Applications/AppleScript and open up AppleScript Utility. Near the bottom of the window that appears, check the box that says "Show Script Menu in Menu Bar" (if it isn't already checked). A menu will appear near the right hand side of the menu at the top with an icon that looks like a script. If you open this menu you will notice the Print Clipboard Option at the bottom.

Scripts Menu

To see if it works, go to Safari (or your normal web browser) and select some text. Press Command-C to copy it. Now instead of pasting it into TextEdit, just go to the Script menu and choose the Print Clipboard script. If all is well, a dialog will appear confirming you want to print.

You must have a default printer set for the script to work. If you are having trouble, go to the Print and Fax section of System Preferences. If the "Selected Printer in Print Dialog" is set to "Last Printer Used", change it to the specific name of the printer you want to print with.

If you are feeling really adventurous you can even try editing the script. If you go to the Scripts menu and Option-click on "Print Clipboard" it will open up the script in Script Editor. Now you can make changes.

For example, if you want to remove the dialog that confirms what you are printing, put "--" (without the quotes) before the start of the 4th line. It would look like this:

--display dialog the_clip buttons {"Cancel", "Print"} def...

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