PDF Services

By now, most people know about the PDF button in the Print dialog box. It allows you to "print" web pages, receipts, recipes etc. to a PDF file, a useful way of archiving things.

This is useful, but the PDF services are even more extendable. You can create aliases to folders to go in the menu that appears when you click the button, allowing you to automatically archive items to specific folders without navigating through your entire file system.

First set up folders, possibly within your documents folder. For example have one for web receipts, one for recipes, one for important emails etc. Next, go to your library folder, located within your user folder, and create a new folder named "PDF Services" (if you don't already have one).

Now add an alias of each of the storage folders within this PDF services folder. This can be done quickly by holding command-option and dragging the folders to the PDF services folder.

Now if you select print in any application, clicking the PDF button will reveal options to save in each of your folders.

For the more adventurous users, try adding aliases of applications such as Mail or Preview, and see what happens!

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