Link to Mail messages in Stickies

Stickies is great for keeping notes and reminders on your Mac without having to go to the hassle of opening up iCal and creating a to do list. I've written about some of the great things you can do with Stickies in the past, but here's a quick tip I just discovered.

Often you will receive an email message which you need to respond to or do something with. You can flag it in Mail (Command-Shift-L) but this doesn't allow you to add any extra text to remind you what you actually wanted to do with the email.

If you use Stickies a lot, a great way to keep a reminder of the email is to just drag it to a sticky note. A link will automatically be created that takes you back to the exact message in Mail when you click it.


If the message has a subject, that will be the link text. Otherwise it will be something like (which is the actual link — try pasting it into Safari). You can change the link text by selecting it and typing something new. However, if press delete at any time while writing the new text, everything you write from then on won’t be linked.

So if you keep a To Do list in Stickies, and you have to do something like “Reply to Bob”, you can now add a link to that To Do item so you don’t have to search through your inbox for the message.

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