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This article is old and out of date. There is an updated version here.

Whereas Gmail is fairly open and easy to implement into, Hotmail is slightly more complicated if you don't have a Hotmail Plus account. Hotmail Plus offers access to your mail through, and there is a workaround for standard Hotmail accounts, using FreePOPs.

If you have an MSN Hotmail Plus account, you can easily access your mail through Mac OS X Mail by installing the HTTP Mail Plugin.

Once installed, open mail and go to Preferences -> Accounts and create a new account with the following details:

Account Type: httpmail
Description: Hotmail (or something similar)
Email Address: (your hotmail address)
Full Name: Your Name
Incoming Mail Server:
User Name: Your hotmail user name Password: Your Hotmail Password
Outgoing Mail server: None

Close the window and Save the Account.

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