Facebook feeds on the desktop with GeekTool

I recently posted a tip over at Geeklets on how to display your Facebook news feed or recent notifications on your desktop using GeekTool. The whole process is a little bit complicated, but here’s a summary of what you have to do:

1) Get your Facebook feed address This is just an RSS feed you can get from the Facebook site.

2) Create an Automator workflow You need to create a short automator workflow that runs regularly and saves the recent items to a text file.

3) Optional: Make your workflow run in background You can disable the Dock icon so the Automator workflow doesn’t bother you every time it runs.

4) Set up the GeekTool Geeklet Finally you can just download the geeklet files that display the feed on your desktop.

Head over to the Geeklets site to see the full instructions. If you are new to GeekTool you might want to check out this introduction.

Facebook Geektool Feed

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