Excel Tips

Here's a few tips and tricks for Microsoft Excel.

To insert the date as a time stamp (i.e. it won't change next time you change the document) press Control-Semicolon ( ; ). To insert the time, press Control-Shift-Semicolon. If you want a date and time that updates, type


into a cell.

Here's a quick way of making pop-up menus: Enter the pop-up choices into a series of out of the way cells. For example Oranges, Apples, Lemons, Pears into K1 to K4. Click on the cell you want the pop-up menu in, and in the Data menus choose Validation. Click on the Settings tab and choose List from the Allow pop-up menu. In the Source box that appears, enter your data range For example,


and click OK.

To tidy things up, select cells J1 to J4 and choose a white text colour to make them invisible.
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