Ditch DVD menus

In iDVD it is possible to create a DVD that jumps straight into the movie without a menu that displays all the "Play Movie" and "Scene Selection" type options.

This is useful if you just have a single movie without chapters where the only option on the menu would be a rather pointless "Play Movie". It's also great for if you want to play a DVD in a kiosk and just have it loop over and over.

Start by launching iDVD from the Applications folder. Create a new project then click on the DVD map button, located right next to the Play button. In the map that appears, there is a box that says "Drag content here to automatically play when the disc is inserted". This area is normally used for the trailers and copyright messages, but you can just as easily drag your whole movie here.

Now the menu will only appear after the movie has finished. You can set an option here to play the movie again, or alternatively you can cut out the menu completely by setting the movie to loop.

Do this by clicking on your movie in the map view and choosing Loop Movie from the Advanced Menu. Burn your movie as usual. Now when you put the disc into a DVD player or your Mac, your movie will automatically play over and over again.
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