Control the visualizer in iTunes 8

With iTunes 8 came the first new visualizer for a long while, and it’s pretty neat. As before, simply hit Command-T to display the visualizer, and Command-F to make it full screen. These options are both also in the View menu.

Like the previous visualizer, you also have the ability to control this one. While the visualizer is running, hit the ? key to bring up a list of available functions. They are as follows:

iTunes Visualizer

? - Toggle help screen

M - Change mode
As far as I can tell there are 8 or 9 different patterns.

P - Change palette
Changes the colours used.

I - Display track info
Displays information about the current song.

C - Toggle auto-cycle (on by default)
Turns on or off automatically cycling through modes and colours.

F - Toggle freeze mode
Freezes the visualizer while the camera continues to pan around.

N - Toggle nebula mode
Turns on or off the clouds in the background.

L - Toggle camera lock
Holds the camera still while the visualizer continues.

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