Competition: Win a copy of FixTunes!

Mac OS X Tips has teamed up with Cloudbrain to give away 10 copies of their popular FixTunes software absolutely free to Mac OS X Tips readers. See the bottom of this post for details of how to enter the competition.

FixTunes is an application that scans through your iTunes library and adds any missing artwork and song information, and corrects any spelling mistakes or inconsistencies in the existing information.


The problem with iTunes is that it requires most of the song information to be present and correct otherwise it will be unable to find the album artwork. In constrast, FixTunes uses a smart system of searching a database and finding the most likely result, even if some of the information is incorrect. Then, with one click, you can correct the mistakes in the song information and add the album artwork.

FixTunes also offers some great flexibility when it comes to fixing your songs. Firstly, you can set it to automatically fix all your songs at once or alternatively it can go through them one at a time allowing you to review the changes and choose "skip" or "fix" for each song. It's definitely best to start off with the one by one mode. As shown in the screenshot, a percentage accuracy is displayed for each match. Generally this is quite high, but if the song is missing from the FixTunes database then the next best match is typically around 60%. When using the automatic mode, you set a threshold on the accuracy so FixTunes won't change anything for matches under a percentage. This is a great way to do it, but so far I haven't quite worked up the nerve to let it at my whole iTunes library on automatic.

One By One

You can also set FixTunes to work through a playlist, so you can set aside a group of disorganised songs and not worry about FixTunes changing songs that you know are fine.

Another good option is the ability to choose which details it fixes. This is great because I personally like to let FixTunes sort out any mistakes in Artist, Album and Name, and then use iTunes to add the artwork. This is because I prefer the way iTunes doesn't embed the artwork in the song file, but instead stores it in a separate database to save space and keep things more organised.

FixTunes Options

I can see FixTunes being a real timesaver if your iTunes library is made up largely of music from "other sources" rather than CDs or the iTunes store. If your song tags are a complete mess, FixTunes will completely automate a process that could potentially take hours for a large library.

FixTunes normally costs $24.95, but you can win one of 10 free copies simply by answering the following question:

What is the current (Mac) version number of FixTunes?
a) 1.01
b) 5.41
c) 14.2

Once you know the answer, head over to this page to enter.

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