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On the WeatherForecast geeklet change:

1.- w=12772181&u=f

12772181 your location and F for Fahrenheit or C for Celsius

Go to https://uk.weather.yahoo.com/ select your city and copy from the URL the last part where the numbers are, for example:

MY URL: https://uk.weather.yahoo.com/united-states/florida/miami-12772181/

MY CODE IS: 12772181

2.- https://uk.weather.yahoo.com/united-states/florida/miami-12772181/

Go to https://uk.weather.yahoo.com/ select your city and copy back the entire URL to the geeklet

3.- /Users/Lester/Documents/Apps/Weather/Icon/currentweather.png

Where you want to save the weather image

4.- On the Weather Image geeklet

Modify the new path you changed before where the image is



Hope it works for everybody!!!


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ecma104 1863 days ago
Where are the image files (the sun/clouds)?
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lem2405 1863 days ago
The script take it from the Yahoo! Weather site and save it on the desire folder, ex:


And them create a new geeklet pointing to that image:


Note: That's where I desire to save the weather image, modify the script and the path on the image with your own one
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eitch 1851 days ago
@ecma, here's the complete list of edits needed:

in the forecast glet:

- line 11: (optional) change the comment (in #s) to name your location

- line 12: replace the w= code with your location's, following the uk.weather.yahoo.com directions above

- line 26: replace the url (at the beginning of line 26) with your uk.weather.yahoo.com url

- line 26: replace local path (at the end of line 26) with the path you want to use for the weather icon

- lines 44 and 46: change the path to match what you used in line 26

in the image glet,

- line 14: change the path to match what you used in line 26 in the forecast glet
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eitch 1851 days ago

I wonder if someone more comfortable with this stuff than me can make it automatically determine the location, so that it could be a "weather where you are now" geeklet… some ways it's been done before are using infosniper (e.g. http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/weather/weather-underground-simple-forecast-automatically-gets-location/), or LocationHelper (e.g. http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/weather/dynamic-location-based-weather-forecasts/), or jq (e.g. http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/weather/openweathermap-with-auto-geolocation-of-your-ip/)

edit: oops, forgot to link the urls, and apparently you can't add links when editing an already submitted comment...
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skrobul 1840 days ago
I've just posted improved version of this geeklet:


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