This is an updated version of YahooWeather widget posted earlier by lem2405 (http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/weather/yahoo-weather-updated/)


  • location changes are now easier as all settings are in first couple lines
  • fixed bug where first line of weather forecast wasn't printed properly if description included / in text (number was printed instead)
  • fixed bug where printed lows and highs were not aligned when one temperature was single and other double digit

Installation instructions

WeatherForecast geeklet

This widget is responsible for displaying weather forecast and downloading image icon. This is how to install it

  1. Go to https://uk.weather.yahoo.com/ and search for your location and open it.
  2. Copy current URL from your browser and replace YAHOOURL in line 3. Ensure that it points to https://uk.weather.com/..., and not just https://weather.yahoo.com/... as this will not work.
  3. Replace LOCATION variable with the 8 location number that shows up when you search for your city. For London it's 24875646
  4. (Optional) Change units in first line.
  5. (Optional) Change the image path in line 7 if you want to store image somewhere else.

WeatherImage geeklet

  1. After installation, change path to the image. If you didn't change default image path for WeatherForecast geeklet, then it will be /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Documents/.currentweather.png

Geeklet files to download


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ecma104 1805 days ago
weather image is not appearing. do you have to have the images (weather) stored in a folder or does it display them through website?
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ecma104 1805 days ago
what is the path where you save the icons?
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Fas1m0v3r 1791 days ago
Works beautifully, thank you!
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stephen549oneill138 1778 days ago
i really love this script iv kinda edited a few things on it to make it to where it has 1) being the current temperature for some reason it was not showing up in your original script 2) as well as an extra day in the forecast and now to my problem child 3) when you originally created this script you had it set so that it would just show the city well i wanted to expand that to show my City,State, Country (Paris,TN United States) but instead of showing up like that it shows up....



United States, (Temperature)

Forecast Starts here...

The only With the script being "block" format if you will it makes the script 3 lines of bulk that would make the script look a bit better i think any advice?


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alexlee97 1775 days ago
I'm having trouble getting the current temperature to display as well. Could you share the edits you made to the script to grab it? Cheers
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ecma104 1770 days ago
how do you get the weather icon to show?
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hackson 1764 days ago
works like a charm!

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StephenKingRocks100 1724 days ago
i can get the forecast but never the forecast picture
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goanga 1698 days ago
Beginning with las week it display something like that "Twe 10C - 0C 32". Note 32, not the actual wether condition. The wether is for Alcala de Henares, Spain using UK wether site. Great tweak anyway. Thank you
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spudagg 1653 days ago
The weather forecast isn't working correctly. The temperatures seem incorrect and numbers show up where the description of the weather conditions should (ie it shows "14" instead of "partly cloudy". I'm trying to use it for a Canadian city.


Image is appearing fine. Thanks for the code!

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