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Posted in Weather by Dave61 3169 days ago

This is an alternative version of my "Weather Get" glet which uses Accuweather instead of Meteogroup as the source. Also, I have used one of their alternative icon sets (found here http://www.accuweather.com/accunet/graphics-icons.asp).

The glets are designed to be saved in /Users/Dave/Geektool/ and the symbols should be saved in /Users/Dave/Geektool/Symbols/.

Necessary edits:

  • unless your name is Dave will want to edit both the files to change /Users/Dave/Geektool/ to /Users/yourname/Geektool,
  • unless your live in Voorschoten, The Netherlands, you will want to change "Weather Get" for your location,
  • you must remove leading zero from symbol files (so 01.png becomes 1.png and so on).


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Dave61 3167 days ago
This glet fetches and displays the current Accuweather icon **only**. The screenshot above shows it in use with my Calendar and Weather collection which is here: .
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albass 2056 days ago
Here's a script for parsing realistic images of weather accuweather.com.

URL must be substituted for his city.

Icon is stored in / tmp/weather123.png

curl --silent "http://www.accuweather.com/ru/kz/astana/222343/current-weather/222343" | grep -E -o "http\:\/\/vortex.accuweather.com\/adc2010\/images\/icons\-numbered\/([0-9])\w-([a-z])\w.png" | xargs curl --silent -o /tmp/weather123.png

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