Weather & forecast by hXm (Updated 27/04/2012)

At last we get a proper Weather & forecast information In your Own Language and your own degree.


  • Weather Info in your local place.
  • 4 days forecast info. (If you don't want the forecast, just delete the glets or make them invisible)
  • Update every 5 minutes.
  • Auto select Fahrenheit and Celsius. Improved
  • Force to convert to desired degree. Fixed
  • Auto detect language. (Depending your local system language).
  • Easy install and uninstall script.

What's new

  • Now this script let you to choose from Celsius, Fahrenheit or allow the script to decide what degree centigrade you want to use.
  • No more ugly icons! Google has ugly icons, all know. Now you can choose from a list what icon set you want. By default, I added the yahoo icons that looks better. Though you can still use the classic iconSet that google may update.
  • How to add your own icon set? easy! Go to /Users/your short username/Library/Scripts/hXmWeather/iconSet/. There are by default 2 folders: classic and yahoo, that's the icon set name!. So duplicate the yahoo folder (the classic one is empty, it's used from google's url) and modify the images. To make it work, don't change the names or the name folders. If you want your icon set published, zip it to my email and I will add it in next release.


  • You can download this script here (hXmWeather2.0)
  • The first version was downloaded 595 times in 19 days
  • The 1.1 version was downloaded 827 times in 7 days
  • Let's rock this version
  • Once you have installed the script, you don't need it anymore unless you want uninstall it

Other scripts

I created a sysInfo with temperature sensor control internal link test it. If you like, rate so it can be published.

If you want to see the code before than execute the script, go to Secondary click->Show content information->Contents->Scripts and open the .scpt files with AppleScript Editor.

Please, email me if you find bugs so we can get a definitive weather and forecast information as it should be. I will try to respond as soon as I can.

If you liked this script, please rate it. It's just a click!


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JND9 2760 days ago
neat wallpaper!

incredibly "minimilistic" and yet a very informative desktop!
User Avatar
hXm 2760 days ago
Thank you!

This geeklet will be uploaded today, after a fews tests.

I hope you all like it.
User Avatar
imhotep 2760 days ago
Great job I love very much an output ;)
User Avatar
EricMontgomery 2757 days ago
Not very helpful if you're not going to show how you did it.
User Avatar
Fattius 2755 days ago
I agree lets see the code!
User Avatar
hXm 2751 days ago
On my way!
User Avatar
imfloflo 2751 days ago
Thanks, you should add all script in one group and let user chose position.

User Avatar
hXm 2750 days ago
Thank you for the tip. I'll work on that
User Avatar
peter 2750 days ago

Celsius/Fahrenheit auto-chosen correctly only for the actual date.

otherwise amazing simple solution.
User Avatar
hXm 2739 days ago

It's fixed in this new version, redownload and reinstall to see if works

User Avatar
imhotep 2748 days ago
Hello I have two icons that is displayed ?

User Avatar
hXm 2748 days ago
Refresh or reinstall.

I had that issue some time, is because the xml file is not loaded correctly maybe because of bad connection (I used 3G) or just timeout.

Also because the glets were not accepted when installed.

If refresh doesn't works, reinstall.
User Avatar
xmizer 2748 days ago
I got everything to display but the weather doesn't seem to be updating.
User Avatar
hXm 2747 days ago
Network connection.

This script tells to geektool to load directly from google url the icon. There is no download or anything that manipulates the image. It loads directly from Google's directory. Those icons works, for sure. Please check your internet connection to see why it doesn't download the file correctly.
User Avatar
Whitey16 2740 days ago
I have downloaded this and it seems to be working fine, however I still have high and low temperatures being displayed in F and not C. The "Current" conditions are in C and the windspeed is mph and not km/h.. any Ideas?
User Avatar
hXm 2740 days ago
Well, Google auto display the temperature acording your language.

If you go to (using Firefox, Safari doesn't show the contain unless you see the source code) http://www.google.com/ig/api?weather=New%20York&hl=en it will be displayed in F and mph (the forecast_information) and if you try to go to http://www.google.com/ig/api?weather=New%20York&hl=es it will appear in C and kmh.

This script does nothing except sending the system's language to the api and the api returns what it thinks convenient.

Experiment changing your user language to see what happens.
User Avatar
gr4z 2740 days ago
Doesn't work too well for me. Everything displays in F and some icons are missing for the weather. Doesn't display the location either :(
User Avatar
jbc 2740 days ago
Hi hXm,

Very cool geeklet.


1. I see my current temp in C (not F)

2. My forecast I see in F (which is what I want) but I'm missing weather icons for the first and third day (the second day and fourth day is OK)

I have reinstalled and uninstalled several time - it looks as if GoogleWeather_Icon_1 and GoogleWeather_Icon_3 are not installing

3. I'm also not seeing the Icon for today's weather.
User Avatar
hXm 2739 days ago
Let me discover why it happens

Try to open hXmWeather app and press the Uninstall button. Verify that all glets have been really removed trought GeekTool. If there is some GoogleWeather_ around just delete it (this may be the cause, some times geektool doesn't remove at all some of these glets and they are duplicated or not successfully loaded). Also go to ~/Library/Scripts and delete if exists, any hXmWeather.

After clean, install as first time, then open GeekTool and watch all those glets (I know there are too much and too small, sorry) and verify there is no dupes and all glets are loaded. They are called GoogleWeather_Icon, GoogleWeather_Icon_1, GoogleWeather_Icon_2,GoogleWeather_Icon_3,GoogleWeather_Icon_4

If all these things are ok, it should work as expected, as it works in my machines. If don't, go to /tmp/ and open with TextEdit the GoogleWeatherApi.xml to see if it contains all information.

About the C|F... Was my fault.

#### Re-download the script. It's updated to fix the C|F ####

and lets see if helps
User Avatar
jbc 2739 days ago
Thanks hXm

The C|F is working - thank you.

I'm followed your steps but the results are the same. I have emailed you my two screen shot and my WeatherGoogleApi.xml file. Just so you can se what I'm seeing.

I hope that will help.

Thanks again
User Avatar
Fen_Li 2739 days ago
wow.. nice work dude..

and thanks for using itunesgeeklet too.. :D

User Avatar
hXm 2738 days ago
hahaha, your itunesgeeklet was the reason i started this. I don't know why isn't in the top
User Avatar
gr4z 2738 days ago
Still isn't displaying in C for me, only in F! Doesn't display the location name either.

Not sure why???

EDIT: Found out why the text didn't display as I have a black background! Changed the font colour and it works. Still not displaying in C though. I have had a look at the script but not sure what I need to change. Help!?

EDIT2: This seems to affect UK users who use English as their language, but C as their temperature. Any chance you can fix it? Oh and what about displaying sunrise, sunset etc? Thanks :)
User Avatar
sg1oneill 2735 days ago
I'd like to ask same. It's a pretty cool geeklet otherwise.

Would be so relevant the C as the F freaks me out :) 37 in UK :)

sunrise, sunset ... this is the other good thing.. yes.

Name of the days top of the pictures? :)

Please correct the code for us...

Thank you!
User Avatar
hXm 2737 days ago
Hi gr4z,

Thanks for your post.

The C F if selected automatically by the google's api according your language. The language is selected automatically by my script depending your system language. To know what your system language is, open AppleScript Editor (in your Applications/Utilities and type and execute this:

get user locale of (system info)

In my case, I see this: es_ES. the first "es" rules. I guess your case is en_US so your language is: "en"

if you want know more about this, go to spotlight and type TextEdit, then open this file:

/tmp/WeatherGoogleApi.xml and pay attention to:

SI means C

US means F

Google, same as me, never thought there is someone who want display C instead F with english language, and they doesn't allow to send the "unit_system" argument as custom parameter (I tried it many times in many ways before than release this script). This means at this moment if you want to switch to C, you should somehow send another language tag to the google's api and it will tell you the weather details in that language.

Anyway, my next goal is update the script to let the user choose between C|F without sacrifice his system language so keep reading this post to find updates soon.

Sorry about the black color.

A part of this... as you can see in the .xml file in /tmp/, google doesn't gives detailed information in its forecast, so difficult to add it in an elegant way.

I'm open to suggestions. (no way to use yahoo's api)
User Avatar
gr4z 2737 days ago
Cool, that's what I thought. Google in their wisdom thinks every English speaking country wants the weather in F :) Oh well what about UK, Australia & NZ?? If you can update then great.

I have found a sunrise, sunset script from weather underground.
User Avatar
hXm 2737 days ago
Indeed Google Weather API is a paid subscription of weather underground. I was about change the script to weather underground, but they limit the access for free users to 500 calls per day and 10 per minute. If you divide that for the 887 people who downloaded the script, is no viable.

I was thinking about parse the gif file name "sunny.gif" in example

Plus they don't care about your location, they only check the first word before than the _ in your system language, so en_au or en_nz will be english anyways
User Avatar
GYLLIWER 2733 days ago
Oh, it is a charm, thanks for a screenshot.
User Avatar
sg1oneill 2732 days ago
Can someone fix or re-code -whatever- to get it work with C? Please!

It is very nice -the best- water geeklet (except the pictures, the yahoo pictures are 100 times nicer) but this F degrees is not familiar at all.

1000x Thank you!
User Avatar
hXm 2732 days ago
what do you mean with "get it work with C"? it works with C for me.

Do you mean use english language with C?

The pictures are ugly, I agree. It's what google provides. Anyway show a link for your favorite icons, next update I will add a feature to allow use a kind of 'themes'

If you liked my work please press the Up arrow at the top of the post, so it increases my euphoria level and my karma, then I will update the next release sooner







User Avatar
sg1oneill 2731 days ago
Yes I meant that. Use English language with C! :)

Can you tell me how can I do that???

I read the descriptions above but no success for me.

Yes I like your work. I clicked on the arrow.

Lots of weather icon is 100x better than google ones. Example the Yahoo ones.

They have clear background and so nice as they look like on the Desktop, aren't they?

I tried this http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/weather/weather-icon-and-info-yahoo-weather-1/

but I had problems with it. Pictures are really nice. Something like that would be good.

Some example. There are not bad. But lots of other are there...




...and so on and so on...

Can you tell me, I am curious, why apple doesn't let the widgets like Windows on the Desktop??? Actually this feature is really cool in windows. I cannot see the point of the widgets on a different or other desktop than the base one. Anyway...

Thank you very much your help!
User Avatar
hXm 2731 days ago
Just wait a few hours.

I'm testing my last update with this features:

- Allow to select what degree you want, without touch the language

- Choose from a list of icon sets what icon set you want to use (yahoo icons is one of them)

To get much excited, watch this screenshot


notice that is spanish with Fahrenheit, a weird combo.

Actually it works, but I want to add more iconSets so it will take me some time. In anyway it will be released today.
User Avatar
sg1oneill 2731 days ago
The new version -that I just realized it is available- works perfect!

Thank you!!!!

Unfortunately the numbers in the forecast still too high so probably they are sill F :(

I was so happy when I see the nice pictures I didn't recognized the numbers are not correct.

The current day is GOOD!

Can you check this out?

User Avatar
hXm 2731 days ago
Ok I'll investigate it

Keep connected to see the news


Fixed. Redownload & install/Reinstall.

Thanks for your bug report!
User Avatar
sg1oneill 2731 days ago
I did it. Looks like my Mac doesn't like the Celsius. :)

Problem is same unfortunately :(
User Avatar
hXm 2731 days ago
Simply should work. The AppleScript file I have done to make this work looks like this:

on unitConvert(FromThis, ToThis, ThisDegree)

if ToThis is "Automatic" then

return ThisDegree

end if

if FromThis is "SI" and ToThis is "Fahrenheit" then

return round (ThisDegree * 1.8 + 32)

end if

if FromThis is "US" and ToThis is "Celsius" then

return round (ThisDegree - 32 / 1.8)

end if

end unitConvert

Either your degree is fahrenheit or celsius, it will convert to the opposite. So there is no reason because it can't work in your machine.

I would do this:

Re-download the hXmWeather.app.zip file. Uninstall it. Open a terminal from spotlight and type this:

rm -rf ~/Library/Scripts/hXmWeather*

rm /tmp/WeatherGoogleApi.xml

This will remove any directory or file called hXmWeather. The first version was a hXmWeather.txt (storing the location) and the hXmWeather.scpt that's the script. Now I converted that to a directory called hXmWeather and i put all stuff in. Just make sure there is nothing related. Also removes the .xml cache.

Open GeekTool app. Remove all GoogleWeather glets you may find.

Start a new fresh installation from the hXmWeather.app file. It should work and works in my machines and others. No one else reported this issue.

Hope it helps.
User Avatar
sg1oneill 2731 days ago
Other: Could you modify this code for me? I would like to see the time in 24h mode not the am/pm...

date +"%A %B %d %l:%M:%S %p"

I don't get this codes and also I couldn't find any that shows 24h format.

Thank you very much!
User Avatar
hXm 2731 days ago
What about

date +"%A %B %d %T"
User Avatar
sg1oneill 2731 days ago
Very good very good! Thank you so much!
User Avatar
FunkyJazzMuso 2730 days ago
Thanks for an amazing Geeklet, loving it!

I have one problem though ... the forecast temperatures at in F, while my main temperature is in C

How do I change the forecast temperatures from F to C?

User Avatar
FunkyJazzMuso 2730 days ago
Also, the image that is displayed for clear is a bright shining sun, however, it's not 00:24am on Saturday, 28 April and I'm sure there should be a moon being displayed ;-)

Is there any way that this can be rectified or is this something that Google controls?

User Avatar
mutter1978 2730 days ago
Hi hXm, how do i get this in spanish?
User Avatar
hXm 2729 days ago
Hi Mutter,

The language is auto chosen. The system language you use, is the weather's language. go to spotlight and type Applescript, then type in the applescript editor:

get user locale of (system info)

I get this: es_ES

So the suffix "ES" (the last) is sent to the weather API to receive the weather info in ES language. You don't need to configure anything in hXmWeather.

How to change your system language:


If for some reason you have your system in a different language but you want the weather in a different locale, you will need hack the hXmWeather.scpt.
User Avatar
borgkun 2729 days ago
Hi, I don't need to convert ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8, because

http://www.google.com/ig/api?weather=kazan already in UTF-8 How i can fix it? Sorry for my english.
User Avatar
hXm 2729 days ago

What do you need to fix. If you are using UTF-8 and the xml file is converted to UTF-8 then you are done.

If you see the command, you will see the google's api creates its file as iso8859-1

If you think that's an error, fix yourself.

The fact is the XML parsing doesn't works in iso8859-1, so, you already have a goal to improve the script.

Nice one, finding bugs where they are not. Lol.
User Avatar
borgkun 2728 days ago
Ok. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4031063/1.png
User Avatar
hXm 2728 days ago
What is your system language? Turkish?

Go to Spotlight and type terminal

The new window appears, type this:

osascript -e 'get user locale of (system info)'

Post what you get.

If it's turkish you probably want an other encoding instead utf8.
User Avatar
mutter1978 2728 days ago
Hi, hXm.

It`s me again, i check the system language and it's set to "es_MX", i have no idea what is wrong but the info is displayed in english, can you help me please?

also, i see some icons are missing... like the moon and other icon from the night forecast.

Thanks in advance for your time.
User Avatar
hXm 2727 days ago
For google


MX means english and F. You can force the script to convert to celsius, but the language is auto chosen by google api.

In your case, you need hack the hxmWeather.scpt file inside /Users//Library/Scripts/hXmWeather/hXmWeather.scpt

Find the line:

*return last item of theArray*

and change it for:

*return first item of theArray*

Save it and you are done. It will appear as C and spanish

About the icons... yep, I may not collected all.

Working on update.
User Avatar
borgkun 2727 days ago
hXm, ru_RU. "http://www.google.com/ig/api?weather=" for me already in UTF8
User Avatar
lazylights 2726 days ago
nice weather pics

I'll put the weather gif in
User Avatar
hXm 2725 days ago

Feel free to zip your icon set and email me, i will add it in the next update with credits
User Avatar
BRC 2721 days ago
I really like what you've done. Thank you! Is it possible to get more information such as the UV Index, Sunrise, Sunset, Barometer, Visibility and Dewpoint?
User Avatar
hXm 2720 days ago

Not possible with this API. The information retrieved is what we see in the glets.

Maybe using a different online-service that provides weather information
User Avatar
BRC 2720 days ago
Ah well, someday maybe. Thanks again for the time and effort you've put in. Now if the forecast were only a little better...

I meant I wish the weather itself was better, not your implementation of the forecast. Sorry for the confusion.
User Avatar
hXm 2719 days ago
As I said there is nothing to do about forecast information.

If you have a website that provides an API access and it is powerful, let me know in my email. I will develop a hXmWeather3.0 with both engines thus we can choose what we want. Thanks
User Avatar
dspess 2712 days ago
I have tried several times to install but get an error box.

I can't seem top get a screen shot of the error.

I followed your instruction above to open a terminal window and uninstall and then re-ejnstall. same error.

Any idea on why this won't work for me?
User Avatar
imfloflo 2712 days ago
Is it possible to choose the position for all script in only one setting.

And is it possible to install all the script in one groupe so we can hide/unhide them with cimple click not the default group please.

Thanks for the work, appreciate.

User Avatar
hXm 2709 days ago
about the all script in one setting GeekTool doesn't allow that. Ask to the developer

the group thing is working on next update
User Avatar
jpbarraca 2710 days ago
I made some changes so that weather information is always related to the current geographical location. It uses the CoreLocation API to get the current location, and the GeoNames API to obtain the current city and country.

This information (city and country) can be shown in the desktop and is used to get local weather.

The changed script is: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2768489/geektool/hXmWeather.scpt

It uses the following tool: https://github.com/jpbarraca/locationcli
User Avatar
hXm 2709 days ago
jpbarraca, if you want to develop a script do it yourself, or at least create a post and post your own work, dont use this.
User Avatar
molopo 2709 days ago
Hi all, I'm a complete noob at this. Can anyone explain to me how to use this? I downloaded the .zip and extracted, ran the app that was in the .zip, and it asked me for my city and my temperature units preference, and then it proceeded to open up about 14 different .txts. am I supposed to do something with those .txts? Thanks. :D
User Avatar
hXm 2708 days ago
molopo, I have no idea what are you doing.

There is no any txt file in the whole app folder.

Do you have geektool installed?

This is a script for geektool. Geektool is an app that allow to use floating windows. What I did is a script for get the weather.

The script tells to geektool what it should to do for get the weather, and all those files you say, may be the .glet files your computer doesn't understand
User Avatar
racki 2695 days ago
Everything looks good but nothing updates. all the commands are printf "" don't know if that's the cause. I tried refreshing, uninstalling, and reinstalling and nothing works. It is stuck on the weather that I downloaded it with. I'd really appreciate the help. I really like the it.
User Avatar
hXm 2690 days ago
You are the first one posting this error, so lets make sure you are posting correctly the city name
User Avatar
inctrl 2686 days ago
I have the same problem as FunkyJazzMuso 43 days ago mentioned before.

The (yahoo) script does not show a moon image when necessary (evening, night) .

In the image folder i don't see a moon.gif either.
User Avatar
Neil 2652 days ago
WOW works absolutely great and to think I did not even know how to run a script LOL. A nit of suggestion, for newbies like me it would be great if you take the time out to form a step by step tutorial. This script allowed me to complete my desktop which otherwise was looking shabby coz of so many different codes I tried one for image, otehr for weather third for this etc etc. Thanks mate
User Avatar
bob_the_geek 2644 days ago
Loving it, and it works just fine.

However, I would now like to add more towns (eg; repeat geeklets for other places) what is the easiest way to do that? I was going to edit the script and change all variables to add "_1" to everything, but is there an easier way to repeat for more towns?

Thanks for a great tool
User Avatar
hXm 2638 days ago
well, the best way to do that without being crazy is dupe the hXmWeather app file, then change its name and change all files inside the script (the themes can be the same) you will also change the names of the .glets itself

It is a mess, I bet is not easy at first time.

Thanks for your idea though, I may add this feature for next version
User Avatar
catalyst7 2635 days ago
Hi hXm,

Where you live, does it ever get above 100 degrees? It does where I live. When the extended forecast is over 100 degrees F, the hi temp overlaps the low temp. The only way I could get it not to do that was to right align the hi temp, left align the low temp and then adjust the horizontal positions. Am I on the right track by doing that? Nice weather geeklet, much appreciated!
User Avatar
JustAnotherFace 2633 days ago
I have one problem with this geeklet, it is displaying the info in celcius and the correct location and everything however The language for the current weather, humidity, and wind direction is in a different language. Was wondering if this can be changed easily?
User Avatar
spartan 2626 days ago
Awesome geeklet and works well enough for me except for the yahoo weather icons for the 4 day forecast. none of them appear and are just blank. However the image for today shows up just fine. any ideas what can be causing it? I tried it with the classic icons and it worked but they are really ugly and i don't want to use those
User Avatar
catalyst7 2625 days ago
I also had an issue with this. Had to copy, I think, chance_of_storm.gif and paste it as thunderstorm.gif. I may have the two mixed up but the problem was that the print code did not match an image in the library. Going to the weather site revealed that the image on there was the same as one in the library but with a different name.
User Avatar
hXm 2613 days ago
Hi, if you have the missing icons please send to me hxm a[t] librepensamiento.es so I can add them to next update (very soon)
User Avatar
armandbalog 2606 days ago
Hi hXm,

Sadly this awesome geeklet of yours stopped working. Apparently the script gave it's heart up. When I manually try to run the script I get the following error:

'error "System Events got an error: Can’t get XML element \"xml_api_reply\" of XML file \"Macintosh HD:private:tmp:WeatherGoogleApi.xml\"." number -1728 from XML element "xml_api_reply" of XML file "Macintosh HD:private:tmp:WeatherGoogleApi.xml"'

Any ideas? Much appreciated. My desktop just isn't the same without it up and running.
User Avatar
catalyst7 2601 days ago
Forecasts are no longer updating for me. I'm still showing what the weather was two days ago. The extended days are also two days behind.



We're sorry...

... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

See Google Help for more information.
User Avatar
catalyst7 2600 days ago
Looks like we'll need a new weather source

User Avatar
sg1oneill 2597 days ago
I have a same problem. It doesn't update itself anymore.

How or where can I exchange this weather source?

User Avatar
catalyst7 2577 days ago
Any news on the update?
User Avatar
mutter1978 2550 days ago
Hi man!, i really need the update of this amazing script.

Thanks in advance.
User Avatar
catalyst7 2535 days ago
Me too!
User Avatar
idontknowwhatimdoing 2478 days ago
I second that
User Avatar
Satya1 2130 days ago
me too
User Avatar
hXm 2058 days ago
Hi, this is me hxm.

After 2 years i still see this alive. If there is still people waiting for this, please respond, i will update this script if needed
User Avatar
catalyst7 2052 days ago
Yes, I'm still patiently waiting
User Avatar
mutter1978 1949 days ago
Hey man, we need an update for mavericks!!!
User Avatar
Lev2202 2014 days ago
hey, it does not work for me it simply opens up a bunch of shells and does not display anything.
User Avatar
arob216 1594 days ago
Great job hXm!

One minor mod, because of the OCD in me...

I added \t before units to align forecast temps \t%3d°$UPCASE_UNITS ...
User Avatar
jbello18 1499 days ago

When I open the unzipped file, it says that it's broken and can't be opened. PLEASE FIX!!!

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