Weather badge (easy)

Posted in Weather by always_a_newbie 2399 days ago

I think that this is a really good idea for weather and would like to share it with everyone:

Go to: http://www.wunderground.com/stickers/classic.html?query=San%20Francisco,%20California

It will be a site for putting weather on a website, but we won't do that today. Put your location into the location box, and click return. If you just click the suggestion, It will take you to the normal weather page. Now, choose one of the weather pictures. Don't forget about the 2 more pages of badges at the top. Left click (however you prefer to do that), on the one you like, and click "Copy image URL" Now, open up geektool, and create an Image geeklet, and paste the URL into it. It should show up now. Have fun picking which one you like!


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felixhhlui 2396 days ago
So you have to do this every time, no automatic updates or refresh?
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always_a_newbie 2382 days ago
No, you don't. It'll refresh as long as you have it refreshing in geektool.
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Bosque_Bill 2372 days ago
Very cool, always_a_newbie, though I think you meant to write "right-click" on the weather sticker to copy the URL (unless you are left-handed, maybe.) And as you replied above, set the refresh time in GeekTool.

I chose from the "New Stickers" tab, because those allow you to select a local PWS - a neighbor has a weather station on the Wunderground net. Seems to work great! Thanks.
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GYLLIWER 2247 days ago
Why on the black screen?
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always_a_newbie 2185 days ago
Because I don't know how to use photoshop.

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