The F****** Weather

Posted in Weather by cooljj_20 3083 days ago
  1. Open a Shell in GeekTool

  2. Place Copy and Paste Code to Command box

  3. F****** enjoy

    curl -s 'http://thefuckingweather.com/?zipcode=YOURZIPCODE' | grep '"content\|"remark\|span' | sed 's/<[^>]*>//g' | sed 's/°/°/'

Feed from thef******weather.com.

Put your zipcode in the YOURZIPCODE or you can go to the actual website search your city and put the URL in place of the one here.

[Admin Note: I've also made a .glet file with the script embedded in it which you can download using the link below.]

Geeklet files to download


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magiknapkin 3027 days ago
Love this. Works wonderfully. Thanks.
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DeathByKappa 3003 days ago
Just tried this out. Having a problem. The temperature displays as follows "28&deg;?!". For some reason it just won't show the degrees symbol.
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DeathByKappa 3003 days ago
LOL. Now it's showing it properly here. But on my computer it's "28& deg ;?!" Without the spaces.

Edit: This is resolved now. The issue only appeared with the code copy pasted off this page. When I downloaded the file it worked perfectly.
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cooljj_20 2827 days ago
yea my friend said he had the same problem. No viruses in my file so don't be afraid to download. Im not that good a programmer lol
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pepe6859 2963 days ago
lol nice hehehehehehe
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mon7eiro 2867 days ago
hey, i can't access to the website for some reason... Could u tell me what's the zipcode for Aveiro, Portugal? please, thx ;)
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cooljj_20 2827 days ago
this might work. i just went to the website and put in the city and got this in the URL http://thefuckingweather.com/?zipcode=Aveiro%2C+Portugal
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GrogMalBlood 2744 days ago
Mine works sorta works but the it shows "&#176;!?" and on the website it says it's "wet" in my area but it won't say that in the geeklet. Can you help me with this problem?
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merelli 2673 days ago
This fixes the "&#176;!?" problem

curl -s 'http://thefuckingweather.com/?zipcode=YOURZIPCODE' | grep '"content\|"remark\|span' | sed 's/]*>//g' | sed 's/&#176;/°/'
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climeahila 2645 days ago
It's not lining up to the left side... and the space between New York and the forecast is insane.. I can't find a way in the code to fix this or omit it... what to do?!

Thanks a million
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grk 2641 days ago
I went a bit the other way, since I wanted to use different styles, still may be useful to you too

only temp

curl -s 'http://thefuckingweather.com/?where=YOURCITY&unit=c' | grep 'p class="large' | sed 's/]*>//g' | sed 's/°/°/'

only remark

curl -s 'http://thefuckingweather.com/?where=YOURCITY&unit=c' | grep 'p class="remark' | sed 's/]*>//g'

only flavor

curl -s 'http://thefuckingweather.com/?where=YOURCITY&unit=c' | grep 'p class="flavor' | sed 's/]*>//g'
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fjb1337 2566 days ago
This fixed the ° problem for me. Hope this helps someone out there!

curl -s 'http://thefuckingweather.com/?zipcode=90210' | grep '"content\|"remark\|span' | sed 's/]*>//g' | sed 's/&#176;/°/'
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idontknowwhatimdoing 2504 days ago
when i used that code it came out to a big mess and i tried posting what it came out to but it doesnt show up.

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