Sun times

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A geeklet to display the sun times from www.thetimeandplace.info



  1. You will need to modify the geeklet file to your postcode. See geeklet code for details.

  2. Only works in the UK and US.

Geeklet files to download


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britainyk 2989 days ago
omg, what a newb I am . . .

when I open the .glet file the yes/no box that pops up is too long to fit on my screen so I can not mouse over to yes and I have yet to find a keyboard shortcut to toggle from yes or no (tab or shift+tab do not work). Any suggestions?
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matt 2989 days ago
Here's something you can try:

1. Go to System Preferences and click on **Keyboard**

2. Click the **Keyboard Shortcuts** tab

3. Click **All Controls** under Full keyboard access

Now you should be able to use the **Tab** key to toggle between the buttons, and use **Space** to press the selected button. Try it out first on a window that you can see properly.
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britainyk 2988 days ago
worked!! thanks matt, must appreciated!
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JimGee 2989 days ago
Does anybody know how I can change the time displayed to 12 hour time?

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