Use this to watch over your area satellite map.

File Details: [1] -> SateliteBackend.glet Load this glet for program to run and download the latest satelite image from weather.com [2] -> SateliteShow.glet Simply just display the image we downloaded.

Use Instruction: 1. You might want to update the timer base on your need. 2. In SateliteBackend, you need to change this to your weather country code/zipcode. If you are not sure, get it by going to Weather.com, type your country code/zip code. and look at URL for the data.

Example: Search for your City, (Akita, Japan) URL = http://www.weather.com/weather/today/Akita+Japan+JAXX0001 now JAXX0001 is your code. Replace the RPXX0017 in SateliteBackend glet with JAXX0001.

Then you are good to go...


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mvasilakis 1144 days ago
This would look cool if the weather was in a TV in the background. maybe picture frames for other status. Any way to add perspective to the GeekTook outputs?
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jmatt 1025 days ago
this is the best geeklet on here. Good job. Im not very good at writing code but I have a great realistic idea. http://flightaware.com/live/airport/KHPN this is a link to flight tracker. I was wondering if you could maybe find a way to make a flight tracker geeklet. You should post some more stuff
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roadglide03 719 days ago
At some point in time yahoo changed the map make sure and replace the URL path with this one: http://www.weather.com/weather/map/classic/
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armando_v11 644 days ago
I'm having trouble making this work. I do exactly what the instructions ask, but nothing comes up in my boxes. Help would be highly appreciated!
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newavalon 418 days ago
Just the same problem like armando_v11

Any Help?
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Skyboy350 80 days ago
I can't get this to work either

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