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This Weather Geeklets get weather data from Geo location (Latitude and Longtitude) or auto forecast by ip address (But this is no 100% right). It is powered by Weather Underground, so you must sign up to Weather Underground to get free API key.

1) Extract the zip file and copy folder MINIMAL to Documents folder in Home Folder aka ~/Documents/MINIMAL

2) Open ~/Documents/MINIMAL/CONFIG

You will see something like:

WEATHER_GEO_LAT xxx.xxxxxx
WEATHER_GEO_LON xxx.xxxxxx
WEATHER_API_KEY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The file has a pattern of KEY[tab or space]VALUE

3) Set Weather Format celsius or fahrenheit.


Set c for celsius, f for fahrenheit.

4) Set icon theme.


Set white for icon theme folder name in ~/Documents/MINIMAL/Weather.

Alternatives: black, pink, green, white.

5) Set Geo Location.

WEATHER_GEO_LAT xxx.xxxxxx
WEATHER_GEO_LON xxx.xxxxxx

You can get your latitude and longitude from this page:http://universimmedia.pagesperso-orange.fr/geo/loc.htm

Get Geo Location Full image size

Put latitude and longtitude into CONFIG file:


If you don't set Geolocation in CONFIG file Geeklets Will auto find it by your ip address. But it is not 100% Right.

6) Set Weather Underground API KEY

Sign up for a free account at Weather Underground and create an API key.

Go here and copy the API key from the example API URL:


Add to CONFIG file:

WEATHER_API_KEY 4851sdf5s5f45sdf54

Get API KEY Full image size

7) Open WEATHER_TEXT.glet and WEATHER_ICON.glet


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xenatt 1770 days ago
Download - http://bit.ly/minimal-weather-2

Thank for Weather icons form - http://adamwhitcroft.com/climacons/

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xenatt 1769 days ago
Thank Webmaster.

and Sorry for my stupid English.
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mhartington 1768 days ago
My icons aren't showing up once I set up the geeklet. I did change the location to ~/Documents/GeekTool/MINIMAL/ but I did reflect that in the commands. I even tried the have everything stored in your recommended locations but to no success. I checked the images location and as a path, finder is saying /private/tmp/weather-icon.png where as the command script is saying it should be a public location? Any ideas?
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mhartington 1768 days ago
I seem to be having issues with getting the icon to appear. I did change the location to a general geektool folder in my documents but I did reflect that in the command scripts. Any ideas?
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xenatt 1767 days ago
Refresh Again.

Are you sure you have API KEY?
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mhartington 1766 days ago
Yes I have an api key. I'm getting the weather its just not the icons are working. Theres a line the script that mentions a public/tmp/ folder but when I go to my tmp folder, the icon that created has a path set to private/tmp. Should I change public to private?
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jbwzrd213 1763 days ago
I'm having the same problem. The weather comes up and everything, but the icon does not. When going into the "temp" folder the image it was trying to use said it doesn't exist anymore. =(
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xenatt 1766 days ago
set icon location to private/tmp

my system no have public/tmp
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xenatt 1761 days ago
The script save image to /tmp find it.Do it exit?

I don't know some body locate in /publish/tmp and some /private/tmp.
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mitchbyu 1761 days ago
I had the same issue as the above posters with the icons not working correctly.

There's a line in the Weather_Text.glet that says:

path = "/Public/MINIMAL/Weather/#{theme}/"

I changed Public to Documents and the path issues were resolved.
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xenatt 1761 days ago
re-Download Again.I already fixed problem.
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continuity0 1759 days ago
Thanks for the work you put in to this. The updated version got the icons working for me.

I do have one question, how do I get auto location to work? If I leave the latitude and longitude values blank, the script fails. Should I remove those lines entirely or is there some other value I should put in? Thanks!
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xenatt 1759 days ago
Re-Download Again I fixed.
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continuity0 1759 days ago
Thanks, I tried the updated version but it is still not working for me. If I remove the longitude and latitude values in the config file the script does not run and the weather text geeklet . I tried replacing the entire folder and starting again, but it still does not run with auto location. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Again, thank you for your help.
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xenatt 1758 days ago
I recommend you use lat,long

Some IP address I think google api can't locate.
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continuity0 1757 days ago
Ok, thanks for the help again.
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johnbran 1743 days ago
Help, nothing shows up when I do everything correctly. Unless of course I'm missing something. But I have followed the instructions step by step.
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hconna 1739 days ago
Edit: nope, doesn't work right... :(
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xenatt 1734 days ago
if Minimal weather version 2 not work.

I recommend you use Version 1 [Yahoo forecast ] http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/weather/minimal-weather-/

if not work send lat long to me xenatt@icloud.com

And I will test it with my API.
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xenatt 1728 days ago
[Weather Underground Map](http://www.wunderground.com/wundermap/)

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jEdo 1707 days ago
When I try to open 'WEATHER_TEXT.glet' GeekTool dialog window pops up shows command line and asking if I want to run it as usual with yes/no button.

Problem is the command line is vertically longer than my 27" monitor so I can't click yes button.

If I press enter key default works and it's No button.

Does this happen only to me?
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Cantello 1706 days ago
No, I had the same problem and was wondering why nothing happened...
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frooned 1705 days ago
Is anyone else having issues with this geek let under Mavericks? Just stopped running for me after upgrading.
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xenatt 1704 days ago
now i fixing lease wait #10.9notsupport

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