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GtWthr is a simple server that will give you local weather information with weather.com as the original weather data source. Other data can easily be easily be obtained via custom URLs. This info includes forecast and more. To get your locations weather id and see how to set everything up (check out instructions on gtwthr.com), GtWthr. I've also provided a couple of .glet files to get you started.

Geeklet files to download


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mybrown89 3165 days ago
Nice! It works great so far. Thanks.
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slipkid08 3161 days ago
This is awesome. Great code!
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chatty_can 3158 days ago
Too Great.

Thanks =)
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mercury52 3155 days ago
Your web site/app is great; I've been tinkering around with it and GeekTool for two days now.  Your web site has no way of contacting you for questions.  I have several.  How can I contact you to ask them?
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jdfwarrior 3145 days ago
Find me on twitter, @jdfwarrior or help@gtwthr.com

Unfortunately though, right now the site is down. Apparently there have been a large amount of users who couldn't follow directions to set the refresh rate, leaving it set to zero and creating a HUGE amount of load on the server. My host has killed it for now. If the users won't set the settings properly, this will continue to happen.
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mercury52 3145 days ago
I will be sending you some questions at your help email account.

I did notice the site was down.

Why don't you just force a certain amount of time for refresh rate and don't give us any option (or give a couple of reasonable choices to select).

Hope the site comes back up soon.
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Mykneegrows 3145 days ago
My refresh rate was set to 600. Is that low enough?
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jdfwarrior 3144 days ago

 The situation is (if you read the instructions on the site), the only refresh that I can enforce is the refresh rate on the weather data coming from Weather.com. In order to follow their terms, I can only request updates from them once every 25 minutes, per location (at least thats how I read it). Therefore, if any requests for weather data come in from users, it checks to see how long I have had weather data for that location. If its older than 25 minutes, the new data is retrieved and saved. If the data is not more than 25 minutes old, I just return whats saved in the database. Where the problem comes in is people that leave their refresh rate really low (partially my fault because the top 3 geeklets above weren't set correctly and now I can't delete them for some reason?). With the refresh rate at 0, GeekTool is trying to refresh WAY too fast/often, which creates a big load on the server. At the time the server got shut down (on Hostgator), there were 511 active requests. More than half of those requests were generated from 4 users. With Hostgator, they are a lot more strict on overtaxing the server because there could be hundreds or thousands of domains hosted on that single shared server. I just moved Gtwthr to a vps at MediaTemple. I'm hoping it will handle the load a little better and hope that users will check their settings and make sure they are correct. If they don't, I don't know what's going to happen.


600 is acceptable.. but would really help if it were higher. It was probably ok initially because I really wasn't expecting there to be that many users of the system, but it jumped a good bit in the last week. It was at almost 1000 users and with that many people hitting it really frequently.. it may bog it down again. If you could, try setting it closer to 1500.. That matches the 25 minute window that weather.com is looking for.

Another thing, guys please consider donating something. Even if it's only $1-$2 one time. As I said, I'm not looking to make money off this, the money is to cover hosting and all that. Honestly, I'm gonna be less likely to worry about fixing things and keeping it going if I'm having to pour a lot of personal money into it, just for everyone else.
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Jordan224 3144 days ago
Mykneegrows, a refresh rate of 600 certainly doesn't help the situation. A lower value means it refreshes more often causing stress on the server. Its best to follow suggestions and leave them be at 6000.
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jdfwarrior 3143 days ago
GtWthr is obviously back up. I moved it to MediaTemple and added a logging mechanism to find out who the people were that were causing the huge amounts of traffic. I've blocked about 6 people now. These 6 people have their refresh rates way too low. I would suggest something close to 1500 seconds. The users that I blocked, had made 300-400 requests each in about 5 minutes.

If you're getting errors, you may be one of the people I blocked. If so, contact me and we'll work it out. Contact info was listed in previous message.

Hope you guys enjoy it, please consider donating. Hosting isn't free.
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jdfwarrior 3140 days ago
For those of you looking, the server is back online and working. MacOSXTip won't allow me to log in and change the description of this article anymore so I can't update it. Do not use the top 3 geeklets. Use the bottom 3 or create your own. Check out gtwthr.com for full details and info.
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Randalian 2965 days ago
For the Temp.glet how would you add a ℉ to the end. My OCD Self finds it necessary.
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ryjacs 2914 days ago
This should be taken down since gtwthr has been shut down
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mjb 2874 days ago
+1 to ryjacs' comment. Voting down bc gtwthr is dead.

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