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Posted in Weather by mercury52 2396 days ago

Displays current temperature, feels like temperature, current temperature icon, current temperature conditions as well as location and time last updated.  Geeklets are all using the Gtwthr commands (which is excellent programming, kudos to the author) referenced in another part of this section.



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glgray 2393 days ago
These are fantastic and I like your arrangement of the geeklets. A little tweeking and a couple of additions, it I am loving it.

Thank you.
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mercury52 2385 days ago
Everyone using this don't forget to make sure your refresh rate is something reasonable (like 3600 seconds or more).
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doug 2385 days ago
Hm, this stopped working for me last night. Anyone else having the issue?
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spamxlive 2385 days ago
Looks like the site may be down, from mercury's comments maybe the site was getting too heavy a load? too bad, I spent friday writing the base for a  'location aware' geeklet, and wanted to use this code to get local weather for whatever city im in!
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macguru 2384 days ago
I'm having the issue, also.

Any other ideas? Suggestions?
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mercury52 2384 days ago
According to the author of Gtwthr the site is down. See his comments below and also in the GTWTHR geeklet.


Find me on twitter, @jdfwarrior or help@gtwthr.com

Unfortunately though, right now the site is down. Apparently there have been a large amount of users who couldn't follow directions to set the refresh rate, leaving it set to zero and creating a HUGE amount of load on the server. My host has killed it for now. If the users won't set the settings properly, this will continue to happen.
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hotai 2384 days ago
Came in here to post the same thing. Please set your refresh rate to something other than 0ms. I doubt you need to know what the weather is doing every millisecond of your computer using experience.
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spamxlive 2384 days ago
Can we rewrite some of these geeklets as scripts to ensure regardless of what is set in the geektool box, the webservice is only called on a periodic basis?
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spamxlive 2383 days ago
or perhaps, a modification could be made to the webserive to respond with 'Please lower your geeklet refresh time' or something when too many concurrent requests are made from the same ip. People would be forced to lower it, or have to read that message instead of see weather.
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mapofthedead 2329 days ago
How do I get the temperature to display in Celcius rather than Fahrenheit?

[edit] Answered my own question by actually doing a bit of research!
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BendikHa 2238 days ago
What did you do?
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judahism 2225 days ago
How do u change it to Celsius?
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judahism 2224 days ago
Got it! go into the command for the temp. and change it from "temp" to "temp_c" and ur done
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bbjhickk13 2217 days ago
Forgive me.....new to this. How do I change to display my local (Houston) info?

Thanks in advance!
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Jibuh 2194 days ago
Hey my degree sign and "/" are on the line below the temp. Any ideas?
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sublevel4 2194 days ago
My degree sign and "/" are on the next line as well. I haven't been able to figure out why. Anyone know how to fix this?
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Skrypt 2192 days ago
@Jibuh, @sublevel4 - I had the same problem with the / being on the next line, and I figured out a way to fix it.

I just added a pipe to tr -d '\n'

This code simply grabs the temperature value and removes the '\n' from the end of it so our display looks nice all on one line:

curl http://gtwthr.com/USFL0163/temp | tr -d '\n'

echo "°/"
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Fleek 2152 days ago
This project has been discontinued. And since all of the scripts go through his website, this is pointless to use or download anymore.
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mercury52 2128 days ago
You are correct that gtwhtr web site has shut down (due to weather.com now charging for weather info). This geeklet will no longer function. Sorry. I'm trying to figure out how to get something else.

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