This is a pretty simple geeklet that gets weather info from Yahoo and spits out a verbal description (Partly Cloudy, Light Rain, etc.) along with the outside current temperature. It's a straight shell script, really useful if you like knowing how it feels, not just a number for temperature.

USIN0707 is the zip, find your relevant zip on yahoo u is for units. Change to f for Fahrenheit.

...om/forecastrss?p=USIN0707&u=c" | grep -E...


Geeklet files to download


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edtheuniquegeek 3496 days ago
And how does one find their zip on Yahoo. Sorry, but I'm not too familiar with using Yahoo's weather.
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edtheuniquegeek 3495 days ago
Never mind. I found my zip but I couldn't get it to work for some reason. I was able to get the output in terminal but it would not display in GeekTool, even after playing around with the fonts (thinking the color was washed out by my wallpaper).
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ryjacs 3485 days ago
I can not change Celsius to Fahrenheit. Need some help.
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walkenppc 3464 days ago
You have to change the letters in one more part.

Change this:

| grep -E '(Current Conditions:|C

to this:

| grep -E '(Current Conditions:|F
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dindin 3215 days ago
love this little geeklet! it's so simple, thanks :)
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pjiffy 2983 days ago
I know the weather info from Yahoo is in the url but I can't seem to get it to work with a UK setting. The full url Yahoo gives me is http://uk.weather.yahoo.com/scotland/lothian/edinburgh-19344/

I've tried just the number, number and city, number city and region etc. I also tried the number preceded with UK, but nothing. Any advice? I'm trying for a fairly uncluttered Zen look to my desktop and the uncluttered look of this appeals.
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hantaofly 2971 days ago
try the www.weather.com instead of the weather.yahoo for the url~it works for me, Good Luck

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