Go to Accuweather.com and enter your city name. Copy the link from the address bar, once you found your city of course, and replace (Paste) to replace this line on the Geeklet script; http://www.accuweather.com/en/de/YOUR CITY/PLZ/weather-forecast/CITY IDENT NUMBER

Then find your location code for the same city; Do a google search for:

german weather location code

Copy that location code to this line of the Geeklet script:


Change the saved image location to somewhere you would like, Documents, downloads or picture folder, then create a image from geektool using where weather.png is now stored. /Users/You/and Your path here/weather.png

I also added a refresh line for the image, just use the session property ID number from your image and replace mine. This will have the image refresh as often as the Weather geeklet. Currently set to 30 minutes intervals (1800 seconds)

EnJoy :D


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