VMWare Fusion running VMs status

Posted in System by TRobot 2334 days ago

== Requires 1. VMWare Fusion 5 (Others might work, untested) 2. Node.js (nodejs.org or using homebrew)

== Installation 1. Stick this script somewhere e.g. ~/Library/Scripts/Geektool/ 2. Create a script geeklet pointing to it.


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matt 2317 days ago
Looks like the script is missing.
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scorpio2k2 2316 days ago
yeahhh no script:|
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jeckleentailor 2309 days ago
i agree with you
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pelle285 2272 days ago
yes , uploading the script as an additional file would be helpful. For now you've only showed where your script file is without sharing it.

And yes i would like to use the script.....
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pelle285 2271 days ago
maybe some help for other people.

Search for a .vmwarevm file on your machine. Copy the path of that file and replace your file with this one.

du -hs "/Users/henrypelle/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows XP Professional.vmwarevm" | awk '{print $1}'

This only will show its size. Thats all i could find out for now.....
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SMacKDaddy 2251 days ago
+1 Sure would be nice if you could share the script, not just the screenshot. Or are you just building the suspense....
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roadglide03 2247 days ago
Here is one I did using vmrun command thats art of Fusion and Workstation:



count=`/Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/vmrun -T fusion list |head -1`

vm=`/Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/vmrun -T fusion list |awk -F "/" '{print $6}'|sed s/.vmwarevm//g`

if [ -x /Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/vmrun ];then

echo $count

echo "$vm"


logger -s "vmrun not found"

exit 1


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