Network & SSID Info (With Color)

Posted in System by la551t3r 1841 days ago

This geeklet was originally authored by Jacob Salmela and this is where you will find the License file. For some reason, I could not upload the text file for it.

I have made some functionality changes to his work and added a couple of things as well.

I have a static IP assigned by my ISP and also use a VPN service. The color portion of this geeklet is to visually, and at a glance know if I am on my VPN or not, as well as if I am on my preferred wifi network. I am currently using this geeklet on a Late 2012 Mac Mini running OS X Yosemite 10.10. The colors are changeable to any of the colors listed in the variables section of the script; simply change the name of the color in the script and save for changes to take effect.

If you have any questions, or need any help, I will do my best to answer what I can. I have a limited knowledge, but did spend a lot of time tweaking this to my liking.


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Mellotramp 1838 days ago
This is excellent, cheers, thanks for sharing. Could you help me figure out how to make this show up on the desktop after downloading and dragging File, Image and Shell to the desktop? Am I missing a crucial step here? I am on Yosemite as well with a 2012 era MBP. I am a N00B here and will appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!
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AlexUnrue 1835 days ago
you can right click the .glet and open it with textedit. I just copied the text and pasted it into a shell. Worked for me!
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Hughseyj 1791 days ago
Hey by any chance are you able to share your circles which view your storage space/ availabilities?

All others ive found are kind of naff with just bars, i really like the circle appearance.

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penguin34 1782 days ago
This is cool. I really love your weather module, would you please share how to do that?
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MaorBenezri 1633 days ago
Cool! Tnx!
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ejleon 1502 days ago
Nice setup!

Please post your weather and calendar geeklets too??

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