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The problem when "SAT" did not appear has been fixed!

In this update i replaced the shell box that just ran the script with the qool weekday and date! To install this:

  • You will need the previous version from here
  • You will need to replace the old geeklet with the one you will download here.
  • And finally you'l need the update script from here.

The link to download

To install:

  • Replace the old script of the clocks with the new one. Open the script and replace "The_Path" to the path till the folder. If you had the clocks before you can copy the path from there.
  • Before deleating the old shell geeklet you can copy the command line from there.
  • On the command line of the geeklet you've downloaded type:

    osascript /the_path_to_the_script/Clock.scpt

or paste what you have copied before - You can change the color of the date to what ever you like!



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jack 2745 days ago
Can I change the color of the date? If not: will you consider adding color for it?

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