This Geeklet shows an exact directory (folder) size in B, KB, MB, GB, or TB. If the folder is empty, it will display "Empty".

I was frustrated with other methods showing Base 2 notation and the allocated size of files and folders, not the actual accurate byte-size.

This script also omits hidden files (ie: DS_Store & Icon) so when you delete the contents of a directory, the byte size is zero.

Using a Base 10 notation (ie: 1 kB = 1000 bytes), which is the same as Finder in Mac OS X.


  1. Customise this script by simply changing the directory you would like to monitor the size of.


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Pio 2295 days ago
Très bon script ! Merci !

Up les notations !!!
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danieldbird 2294 days ago
Bonjour. Vous êtes frère bienvenue! Merci pour le commentaire et la mise vote.

Hello. You are welcome brother! Thanks for the comment and up-vote.
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danieldbird 2294 days ago
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sjono10 2294 days ago
Fantastic script! Thanks!
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danieldbird 2294 days ago
You're welcome man. :)
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MisterMystery 2224 days ago
How do I set it to my harddrive directory? in my case thats disk4?

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