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Posted in System by DoubleJ 1173 days ago

I worked out a way to have a hover action on geeklets. I have not seen this done before but it utilises MouseTools

I am checking for the mouse to be in a certain position then using that to run an action. I made up a quick example that moves a bar out to show the time. The design in action can be seen here: http://gph.is/2aSIpHY

There are a few bugs that I want to get rid of soon but I will be releasing the actual script in a few days.

I just want your opinion on the functionality

Geeklet files to download


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AwesomeAlexander 1113 days ago
looks awesome! can you release the .glet?
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ejleon 973 days ago
That would be cool! Waiting for release.
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excitelookup 832 days ago
Can you release this please?

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