Experimental GeekTool build for Lion

Posted in System by matt 3039 days ago

Update: GeekTool 3.0.2 is now available on the Mac App Store.

The current version of GeekTool doesn't work well in Lion - apparently it doesn't play nice with Mission Control.

If you are running Lion now, you might be interested in downloading the most recent experimental GeekTool version for Lion. The developer, Yann Bizeul, released it via the GeekTool Twitter feed.

If you are using GeekTool in Lion it's definitely worth following the Twitter feed in case there are any more updates, and it's also a great way to send any feedback.


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Joelw135 3010 days ago
Is there a link to the Lion version?
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matt 3010 days ago
Just fixed the link.
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Binary 3007 days ago
A final version is now available at the app store.
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Joelw135 3007 days ago
I downloaded the App Store version but it says version 3.02 but when I load it at the bottom it says 3.0.1. What is going on?
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docteurperchu 3001 days ago
Same here, I load it and I have on the bottom 3.0.1 but I download the latest version on AppStore
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subhash428 2968 days ago
same as the upper 2 friends. it says v 3.0.2 but 3.0.1 as downloading....what does it mean???
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thatguyagain 2958 days ago
If im right it means someone told apple the wrong version number but has it right in the code ^^ I wouldn;t worry
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Spilledmilk 2942 days ago
I've downloaded the most recent version (it says 3.0.2) I'm still seeing this error when I try to open a .glet.

"The document “Calendar1.glet” could not be opened. GeekTool cannot open files of this type."

Any advice/help? Or am I SOL?
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philrei 2895 days ago
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mrhanky 2821 days ago
So you guys seem to have the same problem as I did earlier today. After trying around I figured that there are two parts to this program. The main app Geektool which is available in the AppStore as version 3.0.3 and the little tool Geektool Helper, which allows you to import our well beloved geeklets into the actual program.

The 3.0.1 version you see in the lower part of the running application is probably the version of the Helper app.

When having an error as Spilledmilk does, just right click on the file, choose 'Open With' and select the 'Geektool Helper'. tadaa :)

Haven fun with your awesome looking desktops.
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michaelkevin89 2485 days ago

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