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Posted in System by rjorgenson 1533 days ago

My attempt to emulate a Dateline style calendar output in shell using my crappy ruby skills =] The script is in the geeklet but it is also at http://gist.github.com/410932 if you want to see it first/change stuff/whatever. This was mainly a proof of concept script that I could produce something mildly visually attractive and I will now be rolling this into my geeklets script with some customization options hopefully =]

The script requires no options but does color the current day's separator green(see screenshot). You can change that in the script or remove it all together if you wish. You can also change the separator characters.

geeklet screenshot

Geeklet files to download


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rjorgenson 1526 days ago
Why do people keep down voting this? Does it not work for you? If it's broken let me know ... I'll fix it.
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metallicash 254 days ago
Doesn't seem to work for me? I get the width but no actual text.
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XxGeekToolxX 76 days ago
I have yet to find a long calendar that works for me.. dont know why :(
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rjorgenson 1523 days ago
I fixed a bug that caused the days displayed to be off by one. The gist has been updated as well as a new .glet file uploaded with the correct script.
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jschwal19 1523 days ago
Looks really nice, but the separator is off. Does it maybe require a certain font? Thanks though, great geeklet!

PS: I don't know why people are thumbing this down, I thumbed up!
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KeithofNazareth 1517 days ago
This is awesome, thank you.

Jschwal19, just use a fixed width font and it will display properly.
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rjorgenson 1507 days ago
Yes, sorry I forgot to mention it looks best with a fixed width font. I am using Anonymous Pro in the screenshot and use it for pretty much all my fixed width font needs.
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Incognito 1252 days ago
~ great work! one of the best i've seen.
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daviddelmonte 1219 days ago
+1 - it's great. Thanks for writing/posting it.. I voted..
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kevintosh 1209 days ago
Hey! I made some MINOR modifications to it but I didn't think in uploading a geeklet or something, since it's YOUR original code and script ;)

I forked your code on github, so I leave the link here ( the code can be copied to a geeklet's source or whatever ;) )

Hope all like it! :)

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Cutless009 1198 days ago
Would it be possible to get this script, sans the separator, with the current day colored red?  I figured out enough to get the separator off, but I tried like 15 different ways to color the day, and none of them worked.  Just not familiar enough with ruby to get it done.  Any chance you could do this?
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ifuxusux 1180 days ago
Wonderful geeklet, but is there a way to make the date and day colored instead of the separator?
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GBStudios 1035 days ago
Why don't you look at your emails? I mean, 188? Seriously, one of those is probably important!

Oh, by the way, great Geeklet
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bradstone68 821 days ago
Can you tell me if it is possible to make the background transparent instead of a semi-transparent black? I love it!

Goodness gracious never mind! I see where you change it now. Thank you!
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macinmac 783 days ago
Still works fine 10.7.4.

Thank you.
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wholocked10 598 days ago
When I open the .glet, the window comes up asking if i'd like to add it, but they yes/no buttons are below the bottom of my screen, and i can't seem to find a way to select yes. Anyone know how to?
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pgruneich 566 days ago
I've created an account just to help you out there, wholocked10.

Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts.

There's a box selected "Text boxes and lists only", select the one below, "All Controls".

Close System Preferences. Open the Geeklet. Press Tab, Tab again and then Spacebar. You may check using F3 (Mission Control) if the blue is on "Yes" instead of "No" before you press spacebar.
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wholocked10 555 days ago
Thanks pgruneich! It works now!
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Cicidac 560 days ago
Sorry. When I open the .glet file, its too long for me to select the YES button. I read pgruneich's response, but it still doesn't work. Could someone just paste the command into a comment? Thanks
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vanitas 339 days ago
Sorry but I'm a realy newbeee and I downloaded the wallpaper and the script. I've have run the script (OSX) but nothing happened on my wallpaper. What is to do to see the "Dateline Style Calender" in the Clear Blue wallpaper.
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vanitas 336 days ago
Is here really no one who can help me?
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milka17 223 days ago
When I run the geeklet, nothing happens. The script doesn't work and I can't understand why (I don't know anything about coding on Apple)... Can anyone help me?
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psychoph03 208 days ago
The script at least for me with ruby 1.9 has a code error. On line 16 the associative array needs the => for each value.

it should read:

ABBR_DAYNAMES = {0 => 'Su', 1 => 'Mo', 2 => 'Tu', 3 => 'We', 4 => 'Th', 5 => 'Fr', 6 => 'Sa'}

instead of

ABBR_DAYNAMES = {0 , 'Su', 1 , 'Mo', 2 , 'Tu', 3 , 'We', 4, 'Th', 5 , 'Fr', 6 , 'Sa'}

i am no Ruby expert but I suspect something changed in Ruby's processing that requires associative arrays to be built differently. When I replaced the line it worked form me now.
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halvard 165 days ago

I can't get the script to work. I'm running osx 10.9.1, geektool v. 3.1.1.

All I get when I have the script is the red indicator light, so something is obviously wrong. do I have to edit the script to link to ruby or whats up?
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rvonsch 161 days ago
As far as I know, this was working on 10.8 but now doesn't work at all on Mavericks
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roadglide03 139 days ago
This code works with psychoph03 modification in Mavericks:



# Author: Robert Jorgenson

# Author email: rjorgenson@gmail.com

require 'Date'

ABBR_DAYNAMES = {0 => 'Su', 1 => 'Mo', 2 => 'Tu', 3 => 'We', 4 => 'Th', 5 => 'Fr', 6 => 'Sa'}

def build_month(year,month)

if month < 10 then

mnt = "0#{month}/#{year}"


mnt = "#{month}/#{year}"


return mnt


def days_in_month(year, month)

return (Date.new(year, 12, 31)
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Lev2202 108 days ago
it does not seen to work for me.
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-cj81499- 107 days ago
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-cj81499- 107 days ago
I found this code: http://pastebin.com/fDFj60VT Working on Mavericks. Its not quite the same but its better than nothing. I would love it if someone fixed the original though.

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