This monitor shows your CPU, Memory, Hard Drive, and network usage. Also shows your internal IP Address, internal temperature, the fan speed, and the total uptime of your machine.

Secondly, is a built in to do list. I simply have an alias that edits a text file on my dropbox with vim to modify this.

Thirdly, it shows the top 10 processes on your machine sorted by CPU usage. Along with their processor ID and memory usage as well.


echo && echo ———————-System Information:——————— && echo

Find time since last boot.

then=$(sysctl kern.boottime | awk '{print $5}' | sed "s/,//") now=$(date +%s) diff=$(($now-$then))

Convert time to human readable stuff.

days=$(($diff/86400)); diff=$(($diff-($days86400))) hours=$(($diff/3600)) diff=$(($diff-($hours3600))) minutes=$(($diff/60))

Find current bandwith in each pipe

myvar1=netstat -bI en0 | awk "/en0/"'{print $7;exit}' myvar3=netstat -bI en0 | awk "/en0/"'{print $10;exit}'

sleep 1

Find current bandwith in each pipe after a second.

myvar2=netstat -bI en0 | awk "/en0/"'{print $7;exit}' myvar4=netstat -bI en0 | awk "/en0/"'{print $10;exit}'

Find the difference between each pipe after 1 second.

subin=$(($myvar2 - $myvar1)) subout=$(($myvar4 - $myvar3))

Convert the bytes to kilobytes

kbin=echo "scale=2; $subin/1024;" | bc kbout=echo "scale=2; $subout/1024;" | bc

Current CPU usage

echo CPU: top -l 1 | awk '/CPU usage/ {print $3}' | sed s/%//%

Current Memory Usage

usedMEM=top -l 1 -s 0 | grep PhysMem | awk $'{print $2}' | awk $'{print $0}' | sed 's/M$//' && usedMEM=bc <<< "scale = 2; $usedMEM/1024" /bin/echo -n MEM: $usedMEM && /bin/echo GB

Current Disk Usage

usedHDD=df -h | grep -E "disk1" | awk '{print $3}' | sed 's/Gi$//' /bin/echo -n HDD: $usedHDD GB && echo


Current Network Traffic

echo "UPL: $kbout KB/s" echo "DWN: $kbin KB/s"

Current IP Address

/bin/echo -n IPA: && ipconfig getifaddr en0


Current CPU Temp

/bin/echo -n TMP: && istats | grep CPU\ temp | awk '{print $3}'

Current Fan speed

/bin/echo -n FAN: && istats | grep Fan\ 0\ speed: | awk '{print $4,$5}'

Current uptime

echo UPT: $days Days $hours Hours $minutes Minutes

To do list

echo && echo && echo && echo echo ———————————To Do List:———————————- && echo head -n 10 ~/Dropbox/Miscellaneous/Work.txt

Top 10 processes

echo && echo && echo && echo echo —————————Top Processes:—-————————- && echo ps -arcwwwxo "command pid %cpu %mem" | head -11

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kmicb5 1275 days ago
I've cut and paste this - doesn't work for me on El Capitan...?

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