Circular Display Icons Tutorial

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Circular Display Icons

This very simple tutorial was requested by -cj81499-. It was inspired by geeklets published by wifi strength geeklet by @d13t and midnighttokerkate's Circle Volume Indicator.

Any comments or feedback (especially a better name for this thing) is welcomed.


  1. Do you know the answer to these questions?
    • is 100% good (wifi) or bad (disk usage)?
    • is 0% good or bad?
    • how much warning (%) do you want?
    • do you know how to measure it?
  2. circle_drawer script


  1. Run the circle drawer script

    • change the variable to suit as per comments in file
    • set the warning_level variable to what you determined to be bad
  2. Copy the new directory to your geektools folder

  3. Get the measurement

    • Create an applescript (display_icon.scpt) that:
      • defines where the icon to be displayed lives
      • defines where the source icons live
      • gets your measurement and convert to percentage if neccessary:
      • for wifi: set SignalStrength to (do shell script "/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport -I | awk '/agrCtlRSSI:/ {print $2}'") as integer
      • ensures that is is a positive number and round to match the resolution that you used in the circle maker script
      • copies the icon that matchs your measurement from the source directory and place it in the correct location
  4. Display the icon

    • Create an image geeklet
    • resize and position as required
    • point the geeklet to the display icon
    • refresh as often as you like
  5. Update the icon

    • create a script geeklet that refreshs with the same period as your display image
    • point this to a script that also calls (displayicon.scpt) or add " | osascript /path/to/displayicon.scpt" after some other script
      • eg /Users/dan/geektoolssupport/wifiname.sh | osascript /Users/dan/geektoolssupport/displayicon.scpt


This should get you started. Make sure to use unique paths for the icons to be displayed.


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-cj81499- 1947 days ago
Awesome! Thanks! I'll be sure to set this up later.
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jerrychenglei 1894 days ago
Awesome thanks!!! that's cool

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