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Posted in System by mtnfvr 2919 days ago

Simple status: Time, Day, Date, Month, Temp, Condition, and Bowtie for song status.

I use GtWthr so it is easily modifiable to your location (GtWthr is awesome BTW).

Thanks to mercury52 for the starting points:

You can download the files here.

[Admin Note: I've also attached all the geeklets below. Note that you will need to open cirImg.glet three times, and then adjust the path in GeekTool to point towards wherever you save the circle.png image. Also, after a bit of searching, I found the Bowtie theme, it's called Neon.]



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iamWill 2918 days ago
What you've done looks great. However I cannot seem to run .glet for some reason geek tool says it cannot run this file type. I've made sure its not .glet.txt or anything like that. Any help?
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matt 2918 days ago
glet files need to be set to open with "GeekTool Helper" instead of GeekTool. This should be automatic if you just double-click them. If that doesn't work:

1. Make sure you have updated to the latest GeekTool (via Mac App Store or [here](http://projects.tynsoe.org/en/geektool/download.php))

2. Right-click on a .glet file and choose "Get Info"

3. Under "Open With" in the Get Info window, choose "Other"

4. Press `Command-Shift-G` on your keyboard

5. A "Go to folder" box should appear, copy/paste in:


6. GeekTool Helper should be in that folder. Click it.

7. Also click the "Change All" button in the Get Info window.
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iamWill 2918 days ago
ah, thanks so much!
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ifuxusux 2918 days ago
Thanks, it looks great.
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Questionable 2917 days ago
So i was hoping you could help me out, I Love the iPod Display, i want to have it show the pic, the song length circled around the album cover photo. And the song name and Artist as posted above - But thats all i want, and i was hoping i could do that while playing off my iMac's iTunes while I'm listing to music... any way to do that??

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matt 2917 days ago
1. Get Bowtie

2. Get the [Neon theme](http://zb3k.deviantart.com/art/Neon-bowtie-theme-v1-1-166603914).
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han77729 2889 days ago
Okay, I hope you can help me with this problem.

I recently used the desert theme thing.. where I created a part of the desert sand on top of the desktop.. to get that feeling where the clock numbers are behind the sand.

Now.. I want my Bowtie circlet to be at the bottum left of the screen.. but its appearing "behind" the sands.. How can I fix this?
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han77729 2889 days ago
Perhaps I could start bowtie thing in GeekTool? I could then make it on top of the sands.. but how do I start the bow tie app through GeekTool ? :/
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Geekism 2836 days ago
The Neon Bowtie theme is awesome! Only drawback is that you cannot drag Neon around on the desktop, it has a fixed position. Sucks!
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christinaluis 2780 days ago
:( I love the way this looks, am even considering buying the bowtie thingy, however Gtwthr no longer works. I am having a hard time, just finding the numbers. But ill probably use it an leave out the weather one. Looks great! Thanks for sharing. Will look great on my Tron desktop!

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