This is my first try at a GeekTool desktop.

I'm not sure if these geeklets work on all macs or not, but tentatively these are for OSX Mavericks and up.

My desktop is minimalist-ish. It has some time and date elements, these battery geeklets, and a "To do" section that reads a "todo.txt" containing that exact info.

Battery geeklets

To check if the battery geeklets work on your computer, enter this in terminal:

pmset -g batt

If you get a response which includes battery data in these kinds of formats:

Now drawing from 'Battery Power'
-InternalBattery-0  47%; discharging; 2:46 remaining

Now drawing from 'AC Power'
-InternalBattery-0  46%; charging; (no estimate)

then the geeklets should work fine. When you place them, place them under each other.

To do geeklet

The "To do" geeklet reads a "todo.txt" file on your computer. To edit the location of this file, open the script and edit this line:


to suit your needs.

If all works well then you get something like the picture I uploaded. Change the fonts and style, etc.

These are part of my whole desktop design for my MacBook Pro. It's not really that tough to recreate this desktop. If I update this, then I will reupload these geeklets.


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darkthemes 1510 days ago
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Legisperitur 1501 days ago
Very Nice !

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