ActiveNetwork Interface

Posted in System by lsmft23 1107 days ago

Modified from a geeklet that I found a few years ago, source unknown, but updated to work in MacOS Sierra.

This script detects active network interfaces, identifies their human-friendly name in the system, and reports the name and IP dynamically. This addresses two issues that are often not accounted for in geeklets:

1) When moving the geeklet between desktop and portable Macs, the en0 -1 assignments vary depending on the machine configuration. On laptops, en0 is now Wi-Fi.

2) Additionally, when using thunderbolt to ethernet adapters, each adapter registers a different en#, as do various docking stations.

In my case, this meant that my current network interface could be any of two thunderbolt-ethernet adapters, a thunderbolt docking station, and/or Wi-Fi, or a USB or Bluetooth Connection to my mobile phone.

This script uses system information to detect, identify and label them.


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