See the GitHub repository (https://github.com/czerwonkabartosz/wunderlist-geektool) for installation instructions.

Very simple GeekTool script written in Node JS to display tasks from Wunderlist.


  • install nodejs - https://nodejs.org/en/
  • copy script.js file to your computer
  • create Wunderlist access token and client id - https://developer.wunderlist.com/documentation/concepts/authorization
    • register their application - https://developer.wunderlist.com/apps/new (as APP URL and AUTH CALLBACK URL enter http://localhost)
    • create access token (you will find a button to do this)


  • use file wunderlist-geektool.glet to install
  • change command from /usr/local/bin/node /script.js access_token client_id to /usr/local/bin/node /path/to/script.js [enter_your_access_token] [enter_your_client_id]

Geeklet files to download


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