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This is a GeekTool analog clock for your mac desktop. I have tested this over and over and am now finally able to release it. The zip comes with everything you need.

Download it over at my deviantART page here Link

That being said, i know 50% of you will have problems with this, whether your new to geektool & just need help OR if it's not working at all newb or not, it's just inevitable. I am not a coding master, far from it actually. The script credit and idea behind it goes entirely to ~Chingizm and his 'MardWatch' creation Link, so a big thank you to him for creating this in the first place.

Therefore, if you have trouble please do not hesitate to email me at kt.long@me.com or just send me a note on my deviantART page Link. I will more than likely come out with updates from time to time, so if you download this make sure to add it in your favorites so you can easily check back for any possible updates or fixes.

****Also, if you just so happen to be a coding master :) and have an any suggestions/fixes or possibly an easier solution for this, PLEASE let me know. Hope you guys enjoy, thanks.


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Chingiz 2822 days ago
Dear creator,

Thanks for mention me!

Good using of photoshop!

Good Luck,

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midnighttokerkate 2822 days ago
well of course, i am not about taking credit for someone else hard work! thank you for creating this, seriously. i completely redid every single damn png and dear god, it took me 2 days and 8 straight hours of tedious work... so you deserve the credit and should be pointed out that this shit was not easily created. lol
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thatguyagain 2822 days ago

Thank you so much for doing this. Precisely what I was looking for :D

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midnighttokerkate 2822 days ago
my pleasure! and thank you.
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shucer 2748 days ago

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