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Posted in Productivity by chumponimys 2800 days ago

A simple bit of code that will retrieve the current price, the point change and the percent change of a set of stocks. Just open up the .glet, open up the code and put whatever stocks you want to see in the "tickerArray."

If you have any questions or problems, post 'em!

NOTE: I used the osascript function so that all of this code is Applescript, so it will take a second to run. I would not recommend setting the update time any faster than 15 seconds.


Screen Shot

Geeklet files to download


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dontouchyou 2795 days ago
How can I put HongKong stock instead of US stock ? Thanks
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chumponimys 2793 days ago
I'm running this geeklet through Google Finance to get the stock quotes and I'm pretty sure they list Japanese stocks as well as American. What is one of the stocks you are trying to use? I'll run some tests with it and see if I need to rewrite some of the code for you.

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