I couldn't find any codes to display commodity prices on the desktop, so I just wrote it up on my own.

Bloomberg was chosen as a commodity price reference site.

I uploaded ".glet"s only for gold price. If any of you wants to know how to display other commodity prices like silver, crude oil or corn, please check this blog. http://abroadoctor.blogspot.ca/2014/01/display-commodity-prices-on-desktop.html


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mvasilakis 2049 days ago
First off thanks for this. I was looking for something like this and you saved me a ton of time in lieu of trying to figure it out myself.

For some reason I couldn't get this to display correctly. I would get green over red values when there was a change. (I am using nerd tool so that could be why) I was able to fix that by adding both + & - commands to one line but then I lost the color. Using my limited knowledge of bash & your code I was able to cobble this together:

(This only hits the bloomberg site once per check instead of once per geeklet.)


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