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Posted in Productivity by mercury52 3132 days ago

First attempt to create a geeklet.  Displays formatted date and time on the desktop.  You can rearrange, resize, etc. by opening geeklet.


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Hotsauce 3121 days ago
Is there a way that I can turn the font sideways?

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mercury52 3119 days ago
Not that I'm aware of....
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ifuxusux 3106 days ago
Google "imagemagick geektool". You'll find a tutorial on how to do it.
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ross314pi 3119 days ago
So sorry about the vote down, I clicked it by accident and now I cant undo it. Sorry.
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joniram 3110 days ago
How can I change the clock to use the 24h scale instead of am/pm?

Thank you =)
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joniram 3110 days ago
Ok just found out myself, I'm sorry :D
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pajamas_001 3104 days ago
newbie need help :) 

I live in the philippines and have relatives in California I call even month and would like to know how do I change the time date so I have it on US time zone ? 

Thanks guys
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always_a_newbie 2812 days ago
hi. You unfortunately can't just have the geeklet running on western time (the california time zone), unless you have your whole computer set to run on it, because geektool gets the time off your main system (I hope I make sense to you)
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mikey_geektool 2545 days ago
Just run a shell geeklet with the following and set it to refresh every 60s:

TZ=US/Pacific date +"%H:%M%n%Z"

and this will display, the time in the TZ and TZ



For all the TZ, take a look in /usr/share/zoneinfo/
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mercury52 3104 days ago
Don't think a geeklet can do that; maybe someone else knows for sure.

But as an alternative you can download a free widget to find times in various time zones.

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olivierdeen 2970 days ago
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s_selling 2963 days ago
perfect glet, no other comment, just perfect, thanks
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gkruijer 2949 days ago
Very nice but have a question. Have set the color of the background but how are you getting the nice box around it
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philrei 2868 days ago
does not work with lion
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kidpixo 2858 days ago
Working on Lion (10.7.2) for me, no problem. Thanks!
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KuRuPtIoN 2822 days ago
When I did this it put it on the top middle and won't let me rearrange it or take it off. What should I do?
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barndoor0311 2815 days ago
Thank You, worked like a charm....
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tappudd 2776 days ago
is there a week counter from a specific date i wanna use to keep track of the school week, been looking can't find any
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desmo111 2751 days ago

I also want to change to 24 hours but can´t find it....

Thanks !

Got it; just change the "l" to a "H"... ;o)
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ar841o3 2338 days ago
Thanks this is gonna help with my first theme =)
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pcolagator 2160 days ago
On a general basis, are there any good links to an overview tutorial on using GeekTool? Thanks in advance.
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Satya1 2130 days ago
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tatami 2083 days ago
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navinkc5 2010 days ago
Massively useful codes, I always come here when I need to reset my desktop!
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StephenKingRocks100 1780 days ago
i think this is the best clock on here XD
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homework 1713 days ago

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