A simple geeklet that displays Spotify player info, playtime and artwork.


For instructions and download, please click the link below: https://github.com/bryantung/BTSpotifyGeeklet




Playing/Pause Playing/Pause

Stop/Spotify not running Stop/Spotify not running

Geeklet files to download


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jspence77 1972 days ago
how the hael did you get forecast.io to work? I need a simple explanation
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bryantung 1966 days ago
I'll do another submission for forecast.io with instructions and ready to use zip pack just like this geeklet, but you'll have to wait for a little while ;)
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jake2014 1951 days ago
what is that desktop picture from?
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bryantung 1947 days ago
Tom Clancy's The Division
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Christopher1 1930 days ago
I followed the instructions but yet, the Spotify song details do not show. What can I be doing wrong?

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themisters 1921 days ago
Make sure that you update the location of the each geeklet to reflect that path of where the script is located.
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bryantung 1907 days ago
Hi Christopher,

If you're using the easy install method:

Sorry, I've missed packing some essential files inside the release archive, and thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix that ASAP.

If not, please check themisters's comment.

Hi themisters, thanks for the help.
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themisters 1921 days ago
I have a question, is there a way to have the default stopped or off image just be blank. I love this however I would rather not have the spotify icon on my desktop at all times.
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bryantung 1907 days ago
You can replace the *pathToSpotifyGeeklet*/DefaultArtwork/DefaultArtwork.tiff with any transparent image.

But instead, I've updated the git repo, you can download the transparent icon image there:

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kolms 1898 days ago
Thanks a lot for these Geeklets, they're really good! I have one issue though – the album art doesn't update, although the refreshing is set correctly. GeekTool keeps showing the first album art it loaded, and it doesn't change when a song comes up from a different album, nor does it disappear when quitting Spotify. Could you offer me any advice?
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trex 1868 days ago
Love this geeklet, but I can't get the artwork to change. I'm not sure if I've done something wrong. I've got the path to Artwork.tiff on the Album art one.

Otherwise, love it!
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DBStudiosMedia 1657 days ago
I know I'm late to the party but i'm a GeekTool newbie and can'r seem to get tis to do anything. I know it's probably something really simple that I'm doing wrong, but I open the glet file from finder and it opens in Geek Tool, but the script doesn't seem to do anything while I have Spotify playing. Any help is appreciated and sorry for what is most likely a very simple question.
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coifox1 1324 days ago
Quick question, I get a very long track time. The counter is correct for the play time, but the track length is huge!? Any help would be great. thanks


Edit: it is almost as if the colon is in the wrong spot, it is very close to the track time if you look at the colon after the 1st or 2nd number depending on the actual track length. In this image it is just over 11 minutes, so you could think of the colon after the 11.
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bryantung 706 days ago
Hi all, my apologies for not replying because I have not been maintaining this Geeklet for a very long time.

But there's an update to work with the latest Spotify, head over here to update: https://github.com/bryantung/BTSpotifyGeeklet

P/S: Thanks to the PR made by Chris Cosby.

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