I modified the itunes now playing and itunes song meter to make these geeklets.

Make sure to edit the Meter geeklet and point it to the where you keep the meter script.

NOTE: In order to replicate the screenshot, you need to add the song meter twice. I have yet to figure out if it is better to let the meters use the same script oor if its better to copy the script and have each meter use their own script. If you decide to do some testing with this, please report back.


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vettahead 2494 days ago
great job - thanks :)
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flbrooklynboy007 2433 days ago
I'm having issues deploying this under normal SongMeter script for Left application, this is what I have, can you help PLEASE? Frustration mounting

myDisk=`osascript ~/Documents/Scripts/SongMeterLeft.scpt`

typeset -i a=0

while [ $a -lt $myDisk ]


echo "-\c"

a=`expr $a + 4`


echo "\033[1;31m|\033[0m\c"

while [ $a -lt 0 ]


echo "\033[1;30m|\033[0m\c"

a=`expr $a + 5`


echo "\n"

unset myDisk

unset a


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