Spotify Album Artwork

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  1. Save the .scpt wherever you want

  2. Create:

    • ~/Pictures/Spotify Artwork/
    • ~/Pictures/Spotify Artwork/From Spotify/
    • ~/Pictures/Spotify Artwork/Default




Whoever made the iTunes Artwork script

Geeklet files to download


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smartsowmitri 2340 days ago
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GiraffeBurgerz 2311 days ago
does this not work with geektool on OSX lion?
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nerkcracy 2279 days ago
Have anybody made it work? I can't make this work...

If anyone could help, it'd be great!
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harmdewit 2206 days ago
There are some instructions missing:

As usual with an applescript file you got to have to enter the command 'osascript ' to execute it

The script depends on the file structure below

- ~/Pictures/albumArt.tiff

- ~/Pictures/Default/albumArt.tiff

- ~/Pictures/From Spotify/albumArt.tiff

You can create the albumArt.tiff's by creating .txt files and renaming them. They will get overwritten the first time the script is run.

Of course you have to set up another geektool image file linking to Pictures/albumArt.tiff in order to actually display the file
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ajherts 2034 days ago
I am trying to get this to work but am having trouble. It is clear that the script works because after I change the song on spotify, so do the images corresponding with the .tiff files I created.

The problem seems to be with geektool calling the file. However I am getting the 'green dot' saying that the command works, but I see no album art on my desktop. Any suggestions?
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greatbigdragon 1890 days ago
I have this working, but I'm wondering if anyone has a solution to make the album art go away when the application is closed? I'm not at all familiar with AppleScript, and I have been attacking the idea with my barebones coding knowledge, but I figure if anyone has already made that happen or has a decent knowledge of how to effectively use AppleScript, it wouldn't force me to reinvent this wheel.

My idea is that I'm layering geeklets so that whether I'm using iTunes, Spotify, VLC, whatever - that the now playing stuff shows up in the same spot. I've got Spotify laid out, and iTunes, but I can't move on to artwork for iTunes unless I can get the Spotify artwork to go away when Spotify is closed.

I'm thinking of using a bash script in a shell geeklet to copy appropriate album art from whatever is playing to a separate image file that's picked up by an image geeklet. Any ideas?
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greatbigdragon 1890 days ago
I came up with this script, which seems to work:


spotify=$(ps aux | grep -i spotify | grep -v grep | wc -l)

if [ $spotify -gt 1 ];


osascript /Users/Rob/Documents/Geektool\ Resources/Spotify-Artwork1.scpt

cp -f /Users/Rob/Pictures/Spotify\ Artwork/From\ Spotify/albumArt.tiff /Users/Rob/Pictures/finalArt.tiff


cp -f /Users/Rob/Pictures/Spotify\ Artwork/From\ Spotify/NoArt.tiff /Users/Rob/Pictures/finalArt.tiff


Now, that's just for Spotify. I've yet to modify it so it will pick up artwork from one of many possible applications. But this is good for now.

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