iTunesGeeklet v2.0 (New Version)

Posted in Music by Fen_Li 2817 days ago

iTunes Geeklet v2.1a

fix for 10.6 users that album art doesn't show : Download Here

Requirements :

  • Mac OSX 10.6 or later
  • iTunes 10 or later
  • Geektool 3.0.2 or later (Donwload at App Store)
  • Growl (optional, for popup notification)

Whats new on version 2.0

  • Added new themes (now u can make your own theme).
  • Autohide geeklets when iTunes is not playing.
  • Some code optimization for lower CPU use.
  • Fixed Bug while no growl installed.
  • Remove iTunes 9 compatibility.

Bundled Themes :

  • Default Theme

  • Circle Bar (very inspired by neon bowtie theme and d13t's DCM, credits to original creator)

  • Neo Slider (fixed size)

  • Simply Overlay

Downloadable Themes :

  • Tabbed Bowtie (ported of Tabbed Bowtie Theme, credits to original creator). requires version 2.5

keep updated for more themes

Installation :

  • Mount iTunesGeeklet.dmg
  • Drag (Copy) iTunesGeeklet.app to Applications folder
  • Open (double click) iTunesGeeklet.app
  • Click Install/Reinstall to Add iTunesGeeklet to GeekTool

Uninstall :

  • Open (double click) iTunesGeeklet.app
  • Click uninstall to remove all iTunesGeeklet from GeekTool
  • Delete (Move to Trash) iTunesGeeklet.app

p.s : if you found any error, have critics, or you want to submit your themes (will be bundled in next version), please send me your feedback to fen_li73[at]yahoo.com. sorry for my english, :D


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tgjb 2815 days ago
The link to your files is down. Can you, please, correct it?
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Chingiz 2814 days ago
Looks interesting. But the link is down!
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Fen_Li 2812 days ago
link updated..
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rdyornot 2799 days ago
great geeklet - but the album art doesn't load, any ideas on how to fix?
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Fen_Li 2796 days ago
i don't know what exactly the problem.. coz i've no problem displaying artwork..

this is not compatible with itunes 9.. i'am using itunes 10.5.2

anyway u can try this (pre-released version 2.1) : http://goo.gl/DXIWU

please tell if this version still have same problem..
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8bit 2796 days ago
I'm having the same problem Fen. The artwork is not working for me. I'm using itunes 10.5.2. The 2.1 version is not loading for me. I'm using the circle-bar theme.

The geeklet is fantastic by the way! Well done!!


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Fen_Li 2794 days ago
EDIT : see my post below...
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hunter0333 2794 days ago
Hey Fen,

Great work but I am also not getting the album art to work. I tried the latest .zip you posted and now nothing works after completely uninstalling the original version. I am running 10.6.8 snow leopard with iTunes 10.5.2 and Geektool 3.0.2. I tried manually navigating to the /var/tmp/artwork.jpg like it specifies in the geeklet and was unable to open it from terminal either. Perhaps this is the problem?

Thanks for the hard work! I am really interested in seeing this work instead of installing a bowtie theme.


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Fen_Li 2794 days ago
EDIT : see my post below...
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lamuseur 2794 days ago
Amazing work dude ! Really awesome !
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mon7eiro 2793 days ago
Awesome geeklet! Just some corrections to be made:

- album artwork doesn't show;

- (don't know if only in circle bar but...) song "progress" only updates 5 to 5 seconds no matter what you change in preferences;

Other than that, i'm really enjoying it, thx ^^
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Fen_Li 2793 days ago
"album artwork doesn't show"

- see post below..

"(don't know if only in circle bar but...) song "progress" only updates 5 to 5 seconds no matter what you change in preferences"

- yup, it's only update every 5% of song progress coz i only use 20 image for progress bar (u can find it on "/Applications/iTunesGeeklet.app/Contents/Resources/Themes/CircleBar/Images/progress_bar")..

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Fen_Li 2793 days ago

I just realized that all script must be recopiled to make it work..

this is the fixed version : http://www.mediafire.com/?152bi72lka5n9c8

instruction :

- close itunes

- unistall

- delete itunesgeeklet.app

- install new version (copy to application folder and open from that folder)

if album art still doesn't show.. i have no idea anymore to make it work..

maybe i will just give up for osx 10.6 users and support lion only..

i'am sorry for the inconvenience
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Fen_Li 2787 days ago
version 2.5 will be released soon..

new themes, new feature, add transition animation..

so, keep update.. and vote up too.. :D
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Chingiz 2784 days ago
Awesome project!

But i have one question. The Uninstall button doesn't work. I've tried to reinstall the app but it didn't help. Then i went to ASE dictionary about "Geektool" an ther was no command "delete" that you are using in you'r script.

So could you please fix it in the next update.

And again great work done!
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Fen_Li 2783 days ago

btw, i only test it using geektool 3.0.2 on lion..
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Chingiz 2784 days ago
Oh i found what was the problem. Uninstal works only on lion)
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kdavies 2783 days ago
Whoo-hoo! One that works for me! Thanks!
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lernerg 2780 days ago
Th circle bar works at first but when the song ends it will not switch to the next song, it just stays on the old one. Also growl is constantly popping up telling me what song is playing throughout the song. If that could be fixed I'd really love it!
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Fen_Li 2779 days ago
please tell me which version u currenly use (os, geektool, and itunes version) ?
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Jwoof 2754 days ago
I have a similar problem. It worked great for the first song but would never switch. It's stuck on Rubber Soul and I'm over here listening to David Crowder lol

Suggestions? I uninstalled/reinstalled and same thing happened. But I love your glet it's awesome when I get it going :D
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ThomasVasconcelos 2682 days ago
This doesn't work with me I don't know why!
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FujiToast 2681 days ago
I'm also having trouble with this one. The geeklets are in place but nothing is displaying.

I'm running 10.7.3 with itunes 10.6.1

Sorry I'm not sure where to find a version number for your geeklet but it was the latest as of today. Geektool is also up-to-date.

I'd love for this to work. Thanks for any advice you may have to offer.
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Fen_Li 2681 days ago
have u copy itunesgeeklet.app to Application folder?
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FujiToast 2681 days ago
Whoa whoa, wait. So this works a lot better if I actually follow directions. Ahhhh, yes. My apologies and thanks so much for your help!
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Fen_Li 2680 days ago
no problem...
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TheMonkeyDonkey 2668 days ago
Awesome geeklet! Well done!

Is there any way to use this with Spotify instead of iTunes?
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Fen_Li 2662 days ago
i don't know it will work or not, but u can try this :

- replace "/Applications/iTunesGeeklet.app/Contents/Resources/Scripts/handler_library.scpt" with this one :


- go to themes directory u currently used (in case u use default themes, go to "/Applications/iTunesGeeklet.app/Contents/Resources/Themes/Default/Scripts/")

- open "handler.scpt" with applescript editor. Compile and Save.

it still doesn't work, i will try to work on that and add that feature on next version..
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TheMonkeyDonkey 2661 days ago
I tried that, but the geeklet froze and then disappeared after a restart :/

Thanks for your efforts!

Good luck if you try to add it!
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racki 2639 days ago
It shows up but doesn't display any of the info. its in the applications folder and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: When I uninstall it doesn't delete the geeklets and they disappear for good whenever I close iTunes. Don't know if thats supposed to happen. It worked randomly for half a song and then froze when the next track came on.
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Hamby 2639 days ago
im having the same problem as jwoof, where it is not updating between songs. whats the fix for this?
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Angelic 2633 days ago
So i'm looking forward to using this, it looks amazing... but it just won't work.

I've downloaded the latest version, but when it says "This geekley executes the following command:" there just isn't any code..

None at all, on any of them. I pressed yes anyway, and opened up the code editor once it was running on my desktop but there's nothing in there. What have I done wrong?

I've tried it with all 4 bundles...
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Fen_Li 2620 days ago
have u copy itunesgeeklet.app to application folder ? (follow the installation instruction)

and the geeklet will not show up until you play any song..
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keeperkell13 2578 days ago
I am unable to open the program. I am running Mountain Lion so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Help would be great
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ambujsethi9 2575 days ago
Everything works perfect, except that it doesn't hide when the song is not playing.

Any way to fix it? I am running Mountain Lion.


PS - Great Work, I love the geeklets!
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Kkevsterrr 2567 days ago
This geeklet looks amazing, but I can't get iTunesGeeklet to even open. It's giving me an OSStatus error 10001.

I'm running mountain lion. Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Justin 2553 days ago

I've downloaded the iTunesGeeklet.app and followed the instructions above and I keep getting errors like this:

The document “[1]itunesgeeklet_progressbar.glet” could not be opened. GeekTool cannot open files of this type.

How do I install this? It looks great!
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jiiziiz 2506 days ago
When I open itunes geeklet I don't get an option to install, nothing happens
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cole 2502 days ago
any way to get it to automatically disappear on pause?
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Borgstrøm 2451 days ago
Great geeklet! It runs smoothly. However, for some reason it shows before I've even opened iTunes - how can I solve this?
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Mix 1509 days ago
I really like it... thanks ;)

Just a suggestion:

- Can you add the paused [ || ] logo when the song is paused.

*pic [tried to edit it with photoshop xP] :

I made 2 designs:

1- http://i.imgur.com/HdJiNOv.png

2- http://i.imgur.com/QVqthB7.png

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