(My quote is shown in the middle of the page at the bottom above the dock bar. I have about 35 quotes in my file)

This is an Apple Script showing your very own quotes of the day.

Change out the Users/papabear to your user name.

Create a Quotes.txt file with all your favorites quotes, save to your Documents/Scripts/Quotes.txt.

Create a sheell geeklet:

osascript /Users/papabear/Documents/randomquote.scpt

Set refresh rate to +/_ 30-45 or as long as you want to read it. I took the longest quote and used that as my refresh rate, also check the box for carriage return.

Save A.S. as "randomquotes.scpt"

set newline to ASCII character 10

set quoteFile to POSIX file "/Users/papabear/Documents/Scripts/Quotes.txt"

open for access quoteFile

set quoteList to every paragraph of (read quoteFile)

set list_count to the count of quoteList

set pick to random number from 1 to list_count

set finalText to item pick of quoteList as string

close access quoteFile



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herbalsondemand 2463 days ago
My first GeekTool desktop, made to look like an Atari 8-bit screen. Text only, using a few different commands to get some system stats.
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noorsugeng 2462 days ago
thanks for your information
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Kryptokronzer 1816 days ago
Does this still work with Yosemite? My text doesn't want to appear and I did every step here.
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Kryptokronzer 1816 days ago
Never mind, works perfectly!

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