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Posted in Messaging by Fussel 3621 days ago

This Geeklet will display the last 4 tweets in your timeline. To make it work you have to replace Username:Password with your data.

Font color white is preset.



Geeklet files to download


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loganrdean 3558 days ago
doesn't work all the time
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lycosman 3547 days ago
Is there any way for this to interpret HTML codes for special characters? Like á etc...
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Fussel 3538 days ago
@loganrdean: it has to if you enter the correct data.

@lycosman: i only cut such characters out or replace them with this comment | sed -e 's/&aacute/รก/g'

probably it wont work, then take only an "a" or search the Geektool3 preferences itself there are the option of "Output encoding" for each script.
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kenB 3489 days ago
Thanks for writing this script, but it is displaying a time that is 6 hrs ahead of my local time so I suspect it is somehow using either your geolocation (no big deal) or your api key (not cool).

I don't recommend using this because it sends your username and password in the clear. Very risky if you value your privacy and security.

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