If you already have Twitter for Mac installed, this geeklet will allow you to show the last configurable number of timeline posts on your desktop.


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GBStudios 1740 days ago
Cool, but it forces the Twitter app to remain open, is that a glitch?
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tresni 1739 days ago
It is, I fixed it and re-upload.
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LuMer 1738 days ago
Hi. No matter what I do the GeekTool Helper creates a windows that I nor can confirm the installation of the .glet file nor can I resize it. What do you recommend?
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idlibido 1735 days ago
I'm having the same problem. I can't seem to tab to the "yes" option, either.
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azknight 1734 days ago
Same issue with the window w/o option to select "yes"
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johnnycakes79 1733 days ago
For giant non-resizeable glet window:

- double click to open glet

- return will close it as 'no' is selected by default

- 'spacebar' will select and 'click' yes.
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macinmac 1648 days ago
Alright... I found the solution...you have to as johnnycakes79 said but first you have to enable FULL KEYBOARD ACCESS in Keyboard Preferences; Just select All Controls and you re done.

Spacebar -- yes.

return -- no.

Thank you for this glet.
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studiord 1499 days ago
It still requires Twitter for Mac to be running. Any solution for that?

Also, is it possible to resize the timeline window from horizontal to vertical ?
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tresni 1415 days ago
No, if you close Twitter for Mac then the applescript can't get the Tweets from it. So it has to be running otherwise you'll get the "Twitter not running" message.

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