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The script reads all online buddies from all accounts which are configured in iChat and displays them with their real name, as entered in the address book. Additionally, the names are colorized by use of ANSI-Colors by their online status: Green is available, yellow is idle and red is not available. Buddys who are offline are not shown.

To avoid your own name to be displayed, enter it in the AppleScript in line 10. Additionally, you can change the colors (maybe reset it to the default color) of the output by changing the ANSI-Colors. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANSI_escape_code for details about these color codes, you have to change the values in the vars declared at the very beginning of the AppleScript.

As this Website doesn't allow any other files to be uploaded than *.glet-Files, I had to rename the AppleScript to "BuddyList.scpt.glet". Make sure to remove the ".glet" from the file and adopt the path to the Applescript of the BuddyList-Geeklet to your needs.

Here's a Screenshot what the output of the script may look like, created with NerdTool.


Geeklet files to download


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jtrichmond 3611 days ago
Your fonts here look great. I'm not too savvy, what font(s) for the time, date, month, etc? Also, where are you pulling the image from? Got a script for me?


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